The Good

Jason Todd is the one and only Red Hood. He's smart, handsome, and of course, a tad bit insane. He knew that he'd always be a lonely, single, psycho, and he was totally okay with that. Then, Jason meets Shadow, a mysterious, sassy, sarcastic, hot head who hasn't been caught by any superhero or cop, and that's a very hard thing to do, with everyone in the Bat Family being on patrol on different times. Jason is suddenly having second thoughts about being lonely. [Told in Jason and Shadow's POV}


3. Dear Lord


I had no idea what I was thinking. 

Me? Work with somebody? 

Sure, I did favors for people. I helped them out, but I was always alone. 

It was even more confusing that she said yes. 

She, a sassy, beautiful, sarcastic vigilante, who blew up Blackie's shipments and kicked me in the face, said yes to partnership. 

I was shocked at first, and I'm sure my face was so red, you wouldn't tell the difference if I took my helmet off. 

I was glad I was wearing it. 

There was a very awkward silence after Shadow had spoken. Her words hung in the air, still ringing in my ears. 

I cleared my throat. 

"Okay," was all I said. 

"But first," Shadow said, "We have to get to know each other. Like secret IDs and whatnot. I'm not chasing Blackie around Gotham with a dude that I don't know. I mean, for all I know, you could be a total nut job." 

Her bangs fell out of her braid and flew into her face. She looked at them, clearly annoyed, and brushed them out of her face. 

"But I am a total nut job," I replied. 

Shadow smirked. 

"So am I," She replied and hopped off the roof and onto another one. She smirked and motioned me to follow her. 

With a small laugh, I did. 

We raced on the roofs, Shadow leading the way. 

I have no idea how she found the bikes. 

I had mine follow hers, but we were both too busy running over rooftops to see where they went. 

I didn't care. She found them, and I was grateful. I really liked my bike. I liked it more than Tim loved his precious computer. 

"Where to?" Shadow asked. 

I thought for a second. 

"My place probably," I replied. 

She arched an eyebrow. 

"It's the only place I can talk," I shrugged. 

"As long as you got something to drink," Shadow said. 

"Hope you like Miller 64's," I said, then we started our bikes and she followed me back to my place. 

When we got there, I opened the door for her. 

"Ladies first," I said. 

She laughed. 

"Well, aren't you just a gentleman?" Shadow replied. 

It was my turn to laugh. 

"I have an awesome older sister," I replied, walking in after her while thinking about Becca. I hope Wally and her are okay. It's been a while since I babysat Alyssa and Caster. 

"Does she live in Gotham?" Shadow asked. 

I shook my head. 

"Somewhere near Central City," I replied. I felt lonely all the sudden. Becks and I had some really fun times together. 

Maybe I shouldn't have been such a loner. 

"So how'd you get here? College?" 

I laughed bitterly. 

"I've been here since I was 7," I said, "My dad divorced my mom, brought me here and remarried. Then they both died and I ran into the streets." 

"Wouldn't your mom have legal custody over you then?" Shadow asked. 

I shook my head. 

"She died a year before and Becca's number wasn't on the list of people to call even though she was my only family. Plus she was 17, so they wouldn't let her take care of me anyway." 

"So you lived in the streets the rest of your life?" Shadow asked. 

"Oh no," I replied, "Batman adopted me. So I became Robin for like 7-8 years. Then I died and came back to life because of the League of Assassins. How fun is that?" 

"Wait," Shadow back pedaled, "you died?" 


"And came back." 


"Sounds painful," 

"It was, and that's why I'm crazy." 

"So you're Jason Todd?" I stopped. 

"You know who I am?" I asked. 

"I, uh," Shadow grew flustered. I had a feeling that I wasn't going to like what I was about to hear. 

"My parents were assassins," She explained, and you could tell that she didn't approve of that,  "They told me about this kid who rose from the pit and totally just flipped out. I didn't think it actually happened." 

"So assassins as parents. Probably a sucky childhood," I said. 

She shrugged. 

"It was harder on my brother than me. He was always the 'true assassin' of the two of us." Shadow rolled her eyes, "My parents were psychopaths." 

"Brother?" I asked, suddenly thinking about this guy I met a couple weeks ago, (who was an assassin, I got him caught). He was talking about a sister, who was 'not an true assassin'. 

"Yup. I guess we didn't have a good relationship like you and your sister, but that's okay. He hates me more than I hate him anyway." 

"His name wasn't Miles was it?" I asked, "Miles Blake?" 

Shadow looked at me.

"That would be him." 

"So you're Gail?" I asked. 

She stared at me. 

"Yeah, I am." 

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