Luke Hemmings. What more is there to say about a childhood best friend who forgot you?


21. Chapter Twenty-One

The next night..

Luke's POV

Mia had been released from the hospital at around eleven the night before, and she had take today off from school, so I hadn't gotten a chance to speak to her yet.  By now, I was itching to get some one-on-one time with her. Now that we had gotten all the drama sorted out, I thought it would be a good idea to invite her over to talk. 

I told her I would pick her up from her house around seven-ish. I was going to bring her to my favorite park in Sydney, since the weather was so nice and it seemed like an ideal place to talk. I was a little nervous, though, because I had noticed storm dark clouds rolling in. I assumed they were storm clouds, but since I didn't want to jump to conclusions, I decided to shrug it off.

As I waited for her to text me saying that she was ready, I took a shower and threw on a clean outfit. It had been a long day at school, and sitting in the same clothes for nearly nine hours was not very appealing to think about. I have this thing with germs and hygiene, and if things aren't clean, it really bugs me.

Once I was finished putting on my black All Time Low tank and a pair of tight black skinny jeans, I began to form my hair into a tall quiff that sat on my head. It honestly took a long time, but after what seemed like forever, I finished. I decided to put some gel in it to keep it in an upright position, so I aced out of my bathroom and into my brother Jack's room. 

I wasn't sure where Jack kept his hair gel, or if he even had any, so I just started digging through random drawers. I was pretty lucky that Jack was currently away at college, because normally, he would have busted my ass if he caught me fumbling through his stuff. 

A couple of drawers and boxes later, I finally found what I was looking for. I pulled out a large white and grey tube that read 'X-treme Hold Styling Gel'. I quickly ran back into my bathroom and squeezed a generous amount of the gooey, green substance out onto my hands and then I ran my fingers through my hair. After a few minutes, I stood back to look in the mirror admiring myself. I actually thought it looked pretty good.

I waited for the gel to harden into place and then I returned the tube to the drawer where I had originally found it. I closed the drawer and started to walk out of Jack's room when something caught my eye.

It was the new 'FIFA 15' game.

"No way..." I said out loud, admiring the game. I was shocked, since it honestly had no idea how Jack had even gotten a hold of the game. I stood there in the door frame of his room thinking about it for over five minutes before I realized it didn't matter anyway. All that mattered was somehow Jack had gotten the new FIFA game and now I was going to play it.

I grabbed the box containing the game and I sprinted down the stairs. I couldn't wait to test it out.

I quickly placed the disk inside the gaming console and I grabbed a controller. Right away the game loaded to the title screen, and I was amazed at how vivid the graphics were.

It looked as if you were watching real people on real t.v.!

I quickly selected the 'new game' option and began to play. It was amazing! The tiny animated soccer players were so maneuverable, even more so than in previous FIFA games, and there were a lot more jersey and team choices. 

I was really getting into the game when I heard a loud knock on the door. I reluctantly paused the game and opened up the door to see who it was. I didn't know who it would be, since I had just realized that it was pouring outside. Just as I had noticed, those dark clouds from earlier were storm ones.

I pulled the door back and a girl who was slightly shorter than me who was SOAKED was revealed. She held a smirk on her face.

I instantly remembered that I had told Mia that I was going to pick her up and take her to my favorite spot. A rush of guilt came over me. Clearly I had been too caught up in my game to realize that Mia had texted me saying she was ready.

"Did you forget someone?" She asked with a sly grin, delicately crossing her arms. I could tell she was trying to resist bumping the large bruises all over her arm.

"Uh, yea, sorry." I said, rubbing the back of my head. I could feel my face become flushed and I bit down on my lip.

She laughed. "Don't worry, Luke. It's all good between us. I don't mind. It was actually kind of fun walking out in...this." She told me, motioning to the outdoors.

I giggled slightly before saying, "Do you want to come in now?" She nodded and I cleared the way.

I did have to admit, she looked really cute. It looked like she had tried to stay dry, since she was wearing pink rain boots and a yellow button-up rain coat, but like I said before, she was still dripping wet.

The only part of her that was remotely dry was her hair, since it had been tucked under her hood, but it was still streaked with little drops of water. It looked really pretty, like a fairy had put them there or something.

"Um, Luke, do you have something I could maybe change into?" She asked, revealing her soaked white shirt. I noticed it was see-through, so I tried my hardest not to look. I do have to confess though, it was very tempting. 

I think she started to notice since she began to laugh and I snapped out of it. "Um, I think I have a pair of sweats that are too small for me that you can wear, and, uh, I probably have an old band tee somewhere." I told her.

"Perfect!" She shouted as I ran upstairs to retrieve the clothing. I quickly grabbed everything and ran back down, handing the shirt and pants to her.

"Here you go!" I said, giving her a goofy grin. "Luke, you are so weird." She said laughing. Then. as she was about to enter the bathroom she turned around and said, "By the way, love the new hairstyle." 

I grinned and sat down on the couch. I couldn't wait to talk to her again.


Hey guys! So yea, here's the new chapter, lol. It's kind of more of a filler so it's not the best but I promise more is to come! As always, I want to thank you for all the support! Not to mention, you guys always end up crushing the 'likes goal'! :) I love every single one of you, and seriously it is insane that people are actually reading this! Honestly, writing for all of you is the highlight of my day and I love it! ILYSM!

~Emma <3

P.S. I started a new Ashton Irwin fanfic called "When will you realize?" so you can check that out if you want! But just fyi, it started out as a Calum one and then I decided to change it so if you see any spots that say 'Calum' or 'Cal' or anything describing Calum instead of Ashton, it's because I must have missed it when I was editing, so you can just leave a comment telling me to fix it. :) Thanks!!


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