"Hi, I'm Michael Clifford! I couldn't help but notice you were struggling with something so I thought I'd come over and help. May I ask your name?" I asked shyly. She spoke not a word but walked beside me a few paces.
"Amnesia..." She whispered.
"That's my name, my name is Amnesia..."


3. sticky

Michael's P.O.V

I got back to the group and saw Nessa and Amy lying in bathing suits. And damn did they look hot! It was as if an invisible wall had appeared infront of me and I dropped all drinks but one on the floor.

"Whoah..." I breathed, looking at Amy. Her and Vanessa sat up, looking at what had gone on.

"Shit, that's sticky!" Amy yelled, jumping up as quick as she can, followed by Nessa. Before anything else could happen, Ash scooped Nessa up and ran into the sea with her in his arms. Amnesia tied her hair up in a little bun and when she looked up me, Cal ad Luke were all inching towards her, thinking the same thing.

"Oh no you don't!" She sassed, starting to run away. It was pointless for her to even try, Calum had caught her within 20 seconds and was spinning her around making her giggle. That was the moment that I realised there was more or less no chance of me ending up with Amnesia. She's too perfect, way out of my limit! I decided to just forget about everything and just silently walk to the water where Ash and Nessa were.

"Hey, how come you walked away? I thought you might of had a thing for Amy..." Nessa said. I turned around to see Luke and Calum holding her arms and legs and throwing her into the sea.

"No, I mean, what would a beautiful girl like Amnesia want with a stupid guy like me.. It's obvious I'm not her type, I mean, she could probably get anyone.." I sighed.

Ashton's P.O.V

It's hard to see Michael think like this. Why would he say this about himself? He's normally so happy and excitable about everything, he's never acted like this before, especially about a girl! Both Nessa and I know what they both think about eachother, it's obvious! But the thing is, Michael doesn't know everything about Amy, something's always made her different to everyone else, besides her name.

"Hey, dude, don't say that, you don't know that. Amy's just a little.. Never mind. Trust me, you two will most probably hit it off, just give it a bit of time.." I explained.

"Sure, 'cause that's really gonna happen..." He sighed. I really do not know what I'm supposed to do here.

"Ooh! Wait here..."

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