What if James never fell in love with Lily Evans? What if she was with Severus Snape? What if she had a twin? What if James loved her? But what if she was with his best mate the player Sirius Black? What will James do if Sirius breaks her heart? What if she was the fifth marauder?
*Cover credit goes to C.H. Potter


3. First day of everything

Amanda's POV

I got up and changed. And walked to the great hall. I walked over to the guys. Half the hall was staring at my outfit.

"You should be wearing your uniform," Moony said with a disapproving look.

"Oh well," I said.

Gavina my owl came and rubbed my arm.

"Hey girl," I said.

She nipped at my bread so I gave her it. She hooted then bit Wormtail and flew off. I laughed when he screeched in pain.

Minnie was passing out timetables when she got to me she said," Next time I prefer if you wear your uniform."

"Naw thanks Minnie," I said.

She rolled her eyes and walked away.

I compared my timetables and saw I had all my classes with Prongs and Padfoot, five with Moony, and none with Wormtail (score!).

Padfoot came over and said," Snow can I talk to you?"


We walked out of the Great Hall and Padfoot grabbed my hand.

"Snow will you go on a date with me?" 

I blinked with a shocked look on my face.

"Look I know I'm usually with a different girl every day but it was to see if you'd be jealous," he said with a worried look when I didn't answer.

I didn't even think of what I was doing until I crashed my lips to his. I was expecting to feel something but I felt nothing. "That's stuff is fake," I thought.

I pulled back and said," Yes you idiot."

Then we walked back hand in hand to the Great Hall.

Sirius POV

I hope this works....

James' POV

I saw Padfoot and Snowflake walk in hand in hand.

Padfoot you are so dead.


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