The victor

Courtney is from district 12 Peta Melaik was her father Kattiness Everdeen was her mum she had a good life but that all changed when she was choosed for the 1001 annual hunger games with the guy she hates the most Louis Tomlinson


1. the reaping

Courtney's P.O.V

I woke up and remembered today was the reaping for a 17 year old I'm used to it if I ever get chosen I know how to defend and protect myself I follow in my mums footsteps I can shoot that's for sure I got out of bed I walked downstairs mum and dad were sitting at the table hay I say hay baby mum says hay baby girl dad says I smile and sit down look if you get chosen you will be ok you can do this mum says I know I say I have a bath and get dressed we walked down to the square and Effie Trickets daughter Amy Tricket started talking ladies first she says Courtney Melaik she says everything around me stopped I hugged my parents I love you guys so much I say I walk up onto the stage and waited for the next name the boy Louis Tomlinson great can this day get any worse I think first I get chosen and now he is my partner he comes up we shake hands and may the odds be ever in your favour Amy finishes we get straight onto the train so Courtney you ready to be allies he says me and you are never gonna be friends or allies so just stay away from me I say and walk off he smirks I roll my eyes we meet our mentor his name is Alex Trishaws (idk just came up with that) he told us all about the games what to expect and blah blah I've heard it all before

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