I want to be a gymnast

I oftener imagined what it would be like to be something else, be a gymnast, be tall, feel free...maybe no one would understand that or take it seriously...
But no matter what I wanted, I always had Calum and so I was glad the way everything turned out...even if i sacrificed a dream or two


2. -2*~

Calum lifted my legs up and moved so that he was on the seat properly and then he set my legs back down on top of his thighs. He started poking my legs and then looked up at the TV. "What the hell are you watching Y/N?", he said, looking at me with a smirk, and raising his eyebrow.

"Come on, it's High School Musical! Why can't I watch it? It's cute and it brings me back to childhood"

Calum just laughed, "Fine, we'll watch High School Musical...God...I'd never thought I'd be saying that....ever hahahahaha"

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