I want to be a gymnast

I oftener imagined what it would be like to be something else, be a gymnast, be tall, feel free...maybe no one would understand that or take it seriously...
But no matter what I wanted, I always had Calum and so I was glad the way everything turned out...even if i sacrificed a dream or two


1. -1*~

I was lying on the sofa in the 5sos villa that they were staying in, my head was comfortably leaning against the leather and the fluffy pillow. I was staring into space, into a daydream, just thinking...I usually thought quite a lot, but I enjoyed thinking and overthinking...sometimes i loved to relive situations in my head...imagining the endless possibilities of things i could have been doing at the moment...the places I could have seen...I wasn't even concentrating on the movie as I imagined living on a different planet.

Suddenly, Calum came from behind the sofa and jumped over it, landing on the edge of the sofa. I grabbed the pillow from behind my head, and give him a soft hit with it, "Callll", I said, laughing, "You scared the shit out of me! I hate it when you do that." I tried to look serious, but I just smiled...being serious wasn't really our thing.

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