Working for the twins💋

Kori is a 17 year old girl, just a regular one. It's summer and she wants money in her pockets. So she signed up for babysitting the irritating ass twins for the whole summer.
She thinks it will be no big deal but the twins might change her mind ����


1. last day of school

Kori p.o.v

I'm in my last period and looking at the clock. Waiting for it to say 2:30, once that hit I'm out of here. I looked around in the class room to see my fellow class mates. Some are painting their nails, some on their phones making plans for the summer, others are sleeping. And then there's me I'm listening but not listening, I see the teachers mouth moving but no words coming out. I'm also thinking about my summer but I have to work.

Yes, I have to work for summer because I want money in my pocket like who doesn't. The thing is I'm working for the two biggest dickhead and assholes twins ever. That was the only job available for this summer, everyone else was booked. So I have to deal with this bull shit.

"RING, RING" the bell burst me out of my thoughts. I heard chairs getting pushed by while children running for the freedom of summer. I got up and joined them, I walked into the halls and the breeze of wind blew my hair back. I walked to my locker to get my purse.

I unlocked my locker and got my purse with my car keys in them. I felt a hand on waist, I turned around and saw my best friend.

"Hey sexy" she said smiling

"Hey beautiful, what you doing this summer?" I asked

"Going to see my grand mother, she's been sick lately" she responded

I nodded my head, I understood because its a family thing and she really loves her grand mother. I meet her once because I had to help her take care of her. She's really old and she's really have a lot to live for even though her old and stuff.

"So what you doing for the summer ?" She asked me

"Maid/babysitting THE twins" I said

Her face became so scary. I looked at her with one eyebrow up. I wanted to laugh so bad but I held it in for her sake of seriousness. I just looked at her until she said something.

"Good luck" she said making her way for the door. "I'll see you later toots"

I nodded and walked towards the double doors to freedom and sunlight. I walked down the stairs and skipped to my car. I was kinda excited because it's finally summer and NO MORE JAIL aka school. I can do whatever I want but only on the weekends, weekdays I'm going to babysitting/Maid 2 17year olds.

Why do they need to be babysitter/maid anyway. They're fucking 17 years old and they have money. What the fuck they been doing so far. Like what the hell, hopefully they won't break me. I'm a strong cookie, I had 4 brothers and 2 sister. So I think I can handle them too, it's going to be easy like a piece of cake.

I step in to my car and put the key in, I started the car until one of the twins hit my car with their hand. One of them winked at me while the other one smiled. I stick out my tongue and flipped them off. Jerks.

I pulled off and turned up the radio. A song came on, my favorite song. "One Direction- kiss you". I rolled my windows downs and let the wind blow through my long curly hair.

I checked my phone and saw that I have 2 messages

"Hey, it's the twins mom and I know summer just started but can you work tomorrow please :)"


I guess I have to sucked it up if I want money in my pocket like I want. I replied with an "sure, no problem :)" trying to be nice and what not. I looked at the second text and hopefully it won't be as bad as the first.

The second text was the address to their house. Now I know where the most popular douche bags live, so exciting. I rolled my eyes and realize I was outside my house.

I parked my car and saw my sister here also. I stepped out and lock my car before I could knock on the door, my sister opened it.

"Where are you going ?" I asked

"Out" she said with a smart remark

"Out where tho"

" Don't worry about it, you just stay a little sister Kori" she said and flipped her hair

I watched her walked off into the darkness. WELL FUCK YOU TO THEN. I step in the house and saw my little brothers sleeping with our mommy. I smiled at them and turned off the light and put a blanket on them.

I went upstairs and checked on everyone else, they are sleeping also. They must had a long day. I shut thier doors slowly and made it to my room.

Well technically it's not my room I shared it with my older sister who just left. Its not enough space for us to have our own rooms. So we had to share, it's nothing wrong with it. It have its up and downs but we be making it through.

I looked in the mirror and I look beat, my hair all sweat out and my make up is smudged. I giggled then I walked over to my bed and put my phone. I jumped on the bed and let my mind wonder about stuff, soon enough the sleep was surrounding me like dark clouds. And it felt like the bed was hugging me and didn't want to let me go so enough i felt fast asleep....

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