Fighting For You

Sequel to Falling For Hood

Calum is on a 6 month tour with his band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Helen is still in Australia, trying to keep their relationship alive. With Calum gone, Helen feels like she's in hell without him. What will happen when the two start to get reckless? Calum has his bandmates for help and support, but Helen, she has no one. Will Calum and Helen survive the 6 months? Or will they break their promises to each other?

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Helen Hood


52. Chapter 52 : Making Up and More FML

Calum's POV


It's been nearly three weeks since I've spoken to Helen. I missed her. Luke was right, she really did ignore you for a month if you pissed her off enough. 

I recently saw on her SnapChat story that she either got a tattoo or was accompanying someone to get a tattoo. I personally was thinking of getting a tattoo as well. Hopefully soon.

I wasn't sure if I should call Helen or not. I still feel incredibly guilty from almost kissing that random girl at the club. I got caught up in the moment and out of anger I almost cheated on her. How will I ever recover from this?

By now we were back on touring. We started a week ago or so. I sat in a room backstage before the show and started at my phone that was sitting on a coffee table in front of me. 

After several minutes I finally got the balls to call Helen. I took a deep breath as I clicked her contact and the other line soon began to ring. 


"Helen, hi! Look, I'm so-"

"Oh You've gotta be kidding me! Are you serious?!" She shouted angrily. "Dad you told me you were going to pick them up!" She continued. "Fine. whatever." 

I was confused and wasn't sure whether to hang up or stay on the line.

"Sorry, what'd you say Calum?" She asked.

"Helen I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what I said. I know it was wrong to bring up," I paused. "the other guy, but I was angry and I words just came out of my mouth and I couldn't stop them once they were out."

"I know Calum. I said some pretty harmful stuff as well," She said.

"No, no baby you didn't. I called you stupid and reckless."

She laughed, "I'm a teenager, of course I'm stupid and reckless. I just don't know why it bothered me so much. I shouldn't have made a big deal out of it."

"I understand if you did. We were both angry and we both said stuff."

"Yea, you're right," She said. "I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry too, darling. So we good?"

"We're good," She giggled.

I smiled, "Good, cause I missed you."

"I missed you too Cal."

"I saw your SnapChat story. Did you actually get a tattoo?" I asked.

"Yea!" She replied.

"No way! Send me a picture of it," I said.

"Nope. You'll see it when we meet again in LA," She teased.

I groaned, "That's another month an a half.or so."

"Patience grasshopper, it will go by fast," She said.

"It better. So whats were you screaming about?"

"Oh, my aunt is coming to visit and my Dad wants me to pick her up. I don't want to though," She said.

"Why?" I asked.

"She doesn't like me," She replied. "Also she's really evil."

"No family member can be that evil," I stated.

"You haven't met my Aunt Clara. She's the definition of evil."

"You're exaggerating," I pressed.

"Oh trust me honey, I'm not, but anyways I gotta go to the airport now."

I heard the sound of car keys being jiggled around and a car door slam shut.

"Do you want me to hang up now?" I asked. 

"No, it's fine, I could just put you on speaker," She replied.

"You sure? I don't want you to be calling me and driving," I said.

"I'm touched by your concern but I could just connect my phone to the speakers and talk to you-no hands needed."

I heard her groan.

"Everything okay?" I asked.

"Yea, it's just Dad's truck. I just struggle a little bit to get on top."

"Aw, it's because you're so short. You short stack. Wait, what about your car?" 

"Aunt Clara and the twins usually pack a hoard load of luggage with clothes that they won't even need. They always treat this trip like a spa getaway," She explained. "And I'm probably gonna be stuck in traffic. It's rush hour."

Twenty minutes later I was still on the phone with Helen. She was frustrated from all the traffic and kept on screaming profanity.

"You asshole! There's something called a blinker!" She shouted.

I muffled my laugh.

"Oh you are not about to cut me off after I've been sitting here for five minutes straight!"

She gasped, "He just flipped me off! Well fuck you too!"

"Babe, you have really bad road rage," I said.

"Shut up."

I laughed loudly and so did Helen. What seemed like hours later, Helen finally announced she arrived at the airport. She let out a sigh of relief. 

"We made it, finally," She said.

"More like you made it. I'm on another country, remember?"

"Oh right, but don't you have a show today?"

"Yea, I'm going on stage in a few so I have to go now," I said.

"I have to go as well. Good luck."

"Thanks you too," I added.

"I need it. Have fun and shred that bass for me baby."

I laughed, "Will do. Bye sweetheart, love you.

"Love you too, bye," She hung up and I got up just as Michael walked in the dressing room. He had white stuff all over his shirt.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

"There was an accident with the ranch bowl," He replied before pulling his shirt over his head and grabbing a new one. "Who were you talking to?" 

"Helen," I replied.

"What'd she say? Did you make up?"

"Yea, everything is good now," I said.

"Well good for you bro," He roughly patted my shoulder. I nodded, agreeing with him, everything was good and I planned on keeping it that way.



Helen's POV


I was waiting for my Aunt Clara and her daughters. I stood at the gates, my sunglasses protected my eyes from the blinding and hot sun. My black clothing didn't help and only attracted the sunlight even more, by now, my legs were burning. I decided to get under the shade and immediately I felt a whole lot better. 

"Waiting for someone?" 

I jumped slightly at the sudden voice next to me. I looked over to see a boy standing next to me. He was leaning next to a pole and he cocked his head to one side to get a good look of me. 

"I am actually," I replied. "Don't you have a parent you should be with?" 

"What makes you say that?" He asked.

I snorted but didn't reply. He looked about 15 or 16 year old. Broad shoulders, not that tall, but taller than me that's for sure.

"I like that band," He said and pointed to my Foo Fighters shirt. 

I nodded, "What's your favorite song?" I asked.

"Um-well," He stuttered. I arched my eyebrow at him. "All their songs are great," he concluded.

"You don't listen to them, do you?" I asked.

"I do!" He insisted. "What other bands do you like?"

"Have you heard of Nirvana?" I asked.

"Yea! I really like their song Smells Like Teen Spirit," He said confidently.

"Smells like the only Nirvana song you know," I laughed. 

He exasperated, "So are you single?"

I tried my best to not burst out laughing. "Boy how old are you?"

"15," he replied.

"How old do you think I am?" I asked.


"Wrong, I'm 17," I replied.

"Well then, I must go," He said.

"Yea," I said.

He soon left and I looked over to make sure he was gone before laughing loudly. I looked at my wrist for the first time in a while to see the tattoo inked on there. I haven't had much time to give it any thought but now that I'm looking at it, every line, every word and every design means something to me. It is by far my favorite tattoo. I looked over to my thumb on my left hand to see the silhouette of a rectangle. Adin chose it to symbolize The 1975. We've always thought that their logo in general was really cool and to have it permanently inked onto our skin is special to us both.

I looked up to see my Aunt walking towards me. She pulled two Louis Vuitton luggage bags behind her. The twins followed behind their Queen. Jayla was in the back, she pulled a single bag and was smiling at me. I smiled back. Aunt Clara's perfectly curled blonde hair flowed in the warm wind. Her huge sunglasses made her look like a celebrity, but in reality, she wasn't. Her lips were glossy and I honestly didn't understand how she could always have her lips glossy. 

Vanessa and Veronica were both wearing shorts and crop tops, their brown hair was perfect, their makeup was perfect and I'm pretty sure they got their nails done before they came. They wanted to be known as, well, perfect. They lifted their heads in the air as if to be in power and take control at any minute, but in reality, they're a bunch of weak-links and sissys, 

Jayla struggled to keep up with her sisters and mother, she occasionally had to run to catch up. She wasn't about the money, she didn't care if she had money or a big house or the best or the best and designer clothes. No, she wanted happiness. She wanted to get noticed by her mom, to show her that she means something and that she isn't invisible. 

"Where's my brother?" Aunt Clara asked as she stopped in front of me. 

"Hi Aunt Clara! I'm good, thank you for asking! How about you? How was your flight?" I asked with fake-happiness in my voice.

"Oh, Helen, like I would even care how you are. Where's my brother?" She asked again.

I wanted to say something, but I bit my tongue. "He's running some errands."

"Well, let's go then, I can't stand being in this heat!" Aunt Clara said.

"Hi Helen," Vanessa and Veronica both said in unison. 

"Twins," I said through clenched teeth.

"Hi Helen!" Jayla said and smiled before hugging me tightly.

"Hey! How are you?" I asked as I hugged her. 

"I'm well, I suppose. You?" She asked.

"You suppose?" I questioned. "What's wrong?"

"Just the same old problems," She said.

"Keep your head up, it'll get better," I encouraged.

She smiled.

"Jayla!" Aunt Clara shouted. I rolled my eyes as Jayla and I both began walking towards Aunt Clara. "Where'd you park the car? This is not how you're suppose to treat your guests!" 

I walked in front of them and led them back to my Dad's truck. I pushed my way past the mob of people that were either exiting or entering LAX. With a single look behind me, I saw that Aunt Clara was close behind. She gave disgusted looks to the people around her, I rolled my eyes. 

I unlocked the truck and opened the trunk before getting into the driver's seat. Jayla jumped into the passenger's seat. Aunt Clara and the twins piled in the back. 

"Ugh, you didn't help us put our bags in the trunk," Aunt Clara complained.

"What am I your butler?" I asked.

"No, but you will be our personal uber when we need to go out," Vanessa smiled wickedly. 

"Never in a million years will I ever be your own personal anything," I retorted.

"Don't speak to my angel that way! I'll have you grounded!" Aunt Clara threatened.

"Oh please, I got off grounding terms while you guys are here, I don't think Dad will ground me just because you don't like me," I said.

I turned on the engine and drove out of the airport parking lot. 




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