Fighting For You

Sequel to Falling For Hood

Calum is on a 6 month tour with his band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Helen is still in Australia, trying to keep their relationship alive. With Calum gone, Helen feels like she's in hell without him. What will happen when the two start to get reckless? Calum has his bandmates for help and support, but Helen, she has no one. Will Calum and Helen survive the 6 months? Or will they break their promises to each other?

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Helen Hood


44. Chapter 44 : Not Shopping Carts

Helen's POV



After four long, painful days, I was finally off my period. What a relief. I was celebrating by eating a Big Mac from McDonalds, cause why not?

My phone rang nearby. I picked it up and answered it. "Hello."

"Helen! Guess what has started once again," Adin said.

"I don't know," I replied not making any attempt to play the guessing game.

"4 Rebel's Racing, Adin said.

4 Rebel's Racing is exactly what the title says it is. A race. Basically about 10 years ago, four brothers, Adam, Tanner, Ares, and Jason Blaze all started to race their cars in the middle of the desert. Soon it escalated into a big car racing competition. It always tries to get interrupted by the police but they never know when Rebel's racing actually starts. It goes on for six months and it always starts in the summer. When the need to race and win is at its strongest.

Now hundreds of teenagers drive out to the desert to show off their nice cars and race to see who is the best of the best. I can't lie, I've been in a few races before. And the adrenaline rush is the best thing about it. 

Of course, it isn't just boys who race. Girls race as well and the best one goes against the best racing guy. 

"Does Caleb King still hold the title?" I asked.

"I believe so, I'm not sure though. I haven't been there in a while," Adin replied. "You wanna go?"

"I won't race, but I'll go," I said.

"Don't worry I won't race either."

But something told me that one of us would end up getting behind the wheel that night.


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