Fighting For You

Sequel to Falling For Hood

Calum is on a 6 month tour with his band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Helen is still in Australia, trying to keep their relationship alive. With Calum gone, Helen feels like she's in hell without him. What will happen when the two start to get reckless? Calum has his bandmates for help and support, but Helen, she has no one. Will Calum and Helen survive the 6 months? Or will they break their promises to each other?

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Helen Hood


40. Chapter 40 : Forgetful

Calum's POV


I woke up and checked the time 10 am. I'm forgetting something. Something important but I can't quite put my finger on it. Not any of the guys. Not my parents, I spoke to them last night. Nor would it be Mali.



I completely forgot to call her before I went to sleep! I feel like such a horrible person.

Might I remind you that she threatened to break up with you after you did nothing? My concious said.

Oh shut up, she was drunk, I snapped. Great, now I'm arguing with myself.

Now I feel like a bad boyfriend.

And I can't call her cause she's sleeping. Helen's right, these timezones really are gonna make it difficult. I hate it when she's right.

I sent her a quick text for when she wakes up. Hopefully if I have time, we can Skype tonight. 

I got up from my bed and got up to start the day. 

We would be continuing the tour in two weeks. We're almost done with the EP just the final touches and hopefully release it next month. 

I walked out to the kitchen where Ashton was already up and spreading Vegemite on a slice of toasted bread.

"Morning," He mumbled.

"Hi," I returned the greeting.

"You wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Or are you just grumpy this morning?" He asked.

"Ashton, be honest, do you think I'm a bad person?" I asked.

"No, why do you say that? Wait. Is this because of that conversation you had with Helen? You know I never really liked that girl anyway, mm-mm." He held up his finger in a very sassy manor.

"What? No!" I replied. "Let's hope Luke didn't hear you." 

"Oh, I heard."

I jumped slightly at the voice that came from the blonde in the threshold of the kitchen. He rubbed his eyes.

"Now, why don't you like Helen? I know she can be a bit of a-a dick but what did she do this time?" He asked.

I tried to hold back a laugh cause he just called his own sister a dick. 

"Who's a dick?" Michael asked.

"Helen," Luke replied.

"You're calling your own sister a dick?" He asked. "Is there such thing as a girl dick?"

"Well Helen is one so yea, there is. Anyway what were we talking about?" Luke asked.

"Before you two came in, Calum was asking me if he was a horrible person. I simply wondered why he would think that and then remembered when Helen called him and asshole," Ashton explained.

"She called you an asshole?" Michael asked.

I nodded.

"Why?" Luke asked.

"She was drunk," I said plainly.

"Oh," Michael replied. "Makes sense."

"She got drunk again?" Luke asked and shook his head in disbelief. "Not even me. What the hell is wrong with that girl?"

"Anyways, she got drunk and she was acting hella weird and now I'm wondering to myself what I did wrong to get called an asshole," I explained. 

"It wasn't your fault Calum, girls are just unpredictable. Especially Helen. She can go from rainbows and unicorns to death metal and dark thoughts. It's just what she is," Luke said plainly. 

I nodded, "You're right. I'm just over worked with this whole long-distance relationship thing and timezone differences. It's gonna be difficult, ya know?"

"You'll get through it, Cal. We know you will," Ashton said and patted my shoulder.

I smiled slightly, "Thanks guys."

"We'll always be here for you Cal."



I stared at her. She looked beautiful.

Her blue eyes brilliant and gleamed with absolute beauty. She smiled a smile that can bring anyone down to their knees. Her face was written with happiness. Her skin was still tan, just like I remembered it. Her black hair cascaded around her shoulders. Damn, I'm so lucky.

I smiled.

"What?" Helen asked with a smile.

"You're just so beautiful," I said.

She blushed and giggled. I laughed.

"How you've been darling?" I asked.

"I've been swell. You?"

"Pretty good myself. Missing you. A lot."

"Missing you too Cal. Don't worry about me, I'm doing good. For now."

"I know you just sometimes need someone to dive in when you're down."

"I'll be there, Cal. I won't let you drown. I'll be there to fight for you."

"You're a keeper," I said.

She smiled and flipped her hair, "Good cause I'm not ready to let you go."

"I'm not ready to let you go either, sweetheart. And I hope I never am."

"I love you Calum."

"Love you too Helen."

I stared into her blue eyes that I missed so much. She stared back and smiled. 

I look into those eyes and I see someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with. It's a scary thought but it's the truth. She's perfect to me. 

So perfect.

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