Cover Store

Yo, so my other cover store failed because the app I was using deleted itself.... so I have decided to recreate it and I have a new app! so I will be able to do them within 3 days of you asking for them. I will try to do them ASAP but I have exams and crap coming up so... but hey!
So just fill in the form on the first chapter and WHALLA! I will do them! Any I get tonight I will do tonight btw.. (03/05/2015)


1. Form and Stuff

Ok so just fill in this thing below and I will make your cover as soon as I find my bloody phone....




Quote (optional):

Colour scene (optional):

Celebrities (optional):

Number of covers made (If not given I will make 1):


And that's actually it! I know I don't have a cover for this yet, look above. I will make your cover ASAP I love doing these for people so I hope if I do one for you it will be up to your standards :)

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