Start Over Again? (Book 2)

(Book 2) Before you read it, you need to read Nerd Makeover (Book 1)...

Harry Styles is now in Tour with three boys, which is Liam, Niall and Louis.

When they arrived in Wisconsin, Harry has to find Lilly James, his crush, and start over with a friend to a relationship but the tour will only get three days.

Will Harry get start over again with Lilly James or not?

Meanwhile, Lilly is now at College in New York.

She only comes to her hometown for break time and she needs to time out.

There have lots of cute boys in the college.

She met the girls who are the boys', Niall, Liam and Louis, Lovers in her college.

Will she ever forgive Harry for never come back her hometown or not?


1. Prologue


I would love to go to Wisconsin when I was on tour and would look for Lilly James if I arrive there.

I sighed sadly.

I wonder what if I want to start over again with Lilly.

Maybe I could talk to Paul.

As I spoke to Paul, he says to me that if I need to patients, then we'll going in there in Wisconsin.

At Louis' turn. 

I sighed angrily.

It was his turn to want in New York.

To looking for his lover, Jenna.

I want to see Lilly.

I sighed sadly.

If I go there, she would love to see me.

It's been a long time, and I have no time to see her.

I sighed sadly.

That's why I want to go there.

There has a reason why I sent Luke Hemmings and a card to her.

I just want to prove her that I wasn't a bad friend to her.

I know I am, but I wouldn't forget her.

That's why I still care about her...



Welcome to my book.

I hope you'll enjoy this book! :)

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