I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


32. The Clock Never Stops

Chrissy's POV

Its been about 5 weeks since I got my lip pierced. Luke keeps telling me to wait until I feel that I can't take this anymore so, I have. Cal and I are like good friends not married or at least that's what it feels like. I once again check the time, 1:56 am. Cal was supposed to come home 2 hours ago. Him, Michael and Ash went partying and Luke is at the Studio. I was about to text Luke when the door slammed and I heard some laughter. I looked over the railing to see Michael holding up Calum. Michael helped him up the stairs to the couch and left without saying a word. I went into the kitchen, got a bottle of water and sat next to Calum on the couch. I was just about to give him the water when I noticed he had my phone.

"Chrissy why is Luke saying he 'Misses you xxx'?" Calum half slurred, I could tell he was mildly wasted.

"I don't know." I realized I shouldn't have said anything.

We ended up getting into a huge argument about well, everything. I screamed at him first, then he returned it by screaming at me. Each word he said made him look even more pissed. We were both heated until a sharp pain smashed into my eye. He hit me. His eyes grew soft and he bent down to help me up, I flinched at the hand coming towards me. I stood up without looking at him and tried to walk in the bathroom. He started to say he was sorry behind me, I kept walking. Calum harshly grabbed my arm, "Stop you're hurting me Calum."

"Listen to me, you tell nobody okay." He said and I nodded. Calum released me from his grip and I went to the couch and grabbed my phone. My arm was slowly turning darker and my eye was turning a dark shade of purple. I locked myself in the bathroom and simply cried. I must have fallen asleep in the bathroom because when I woke up I was leaning against the shower door and the corner wall. I slowly got up and got into the shower. The warm water stung my freshly bruised skin. I got out and checked my now buzzing phone.

H- Hanna           C-Chrissy

H- Wanna come over and hang out with Ashley and I?

C-Um I don't know

H-We can have some coffee and make cupcakes for Greyson and his play group.

C- I guess, I'll be on my penny board.

H- K see you in a few.

I threw on a black crop top with Luke's flannel over top, some ripped black skinny jeans and I put my freshly brushed hair under Luke's snapback. I grabbed my board and headphones before sneaking past Cal who I guess crashed on the couch. With my headphones in I pushed myself to Hanna's house, letting the wind sweep through my hair. I leaned my board on Hanna's porch  and walked inside. Hanna and Ashley came running to hug me when they stopped.

"Holy shit Chrissy what did you do?" Ashley asked. I forgot about my eye.

"Oh haha got you!" I said "It's fake." They both laughed and we went into the kitchen.

Ashely examined my eye and said, "If its fake go wash it off."

"Yeah Chris go wash off the black eye." Hanna said.

"I uh can't."

"Why" Ashley said.

"Because its real and someone gave it to me." I said while looking at them.

"Chrissy you tell me right now who did this, I'll make sure that the boys go take care of them." Hanna said. I pretended to get a phone call and walked out front talking to nobody. I was about to grab my board and ride off when I saw Ashton getting out of his car.

"Oh hey Chris." He said with a smile that slowly faded as he came closer to me.

"Hey" I said.

"Are you okay?" Ashton placed a finger on my chin and looked over my wounded face.

"Yeah, I gotta go. Uh I'll text you later." I said. I grabbed my board and ran down the steps. Before I actually knew where I was going, I ended up in front of Luke's complex.

Hanna's POV

Right after Chrissy walked out to take the phone call, Ashley and I started talking about who could have given her that black eye.

"You don't think it was." Ashley asked.

"No, it couldn't be Cal." I said.

"What about Luke?"

"Are you kidding me, without her Luke is a lost puppy."

We were cut mid conversation when Ashton walked in.

"You guys know who hit Chris, she looked pretty panicked when she was leaving." Ashton said.

"We were just talking about that." I said "Do you know where she was going?"

"No, she just left." He said, "I'll go call the guys, see if they know anything."

Ashton left and shortly cam back.

"She's with Luke but, I don't know how well you'll handle this."

"Oh my god what?" Ashley asked.

"It was Calum, last night he was wasted and they argued. I guess Cal hit her and then tried to apologize. He grabbed her arm which is also bruised and said not to tell anyone. So Chris slept in the bathroom because she was scared and she still is." He said. I set my coffee down.

"So that's why she lied to us" I said



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