I need your love

Luke was her world. What will she do when it crumbles around her?


27. I miss you

Calum's POV

I knocked on Luke's door. After seeing Chrissy's arms earlier, I needed to know she's okay. Luke opened the door and pointed to the bedroom. I walked past Luke and saw Chrissy laying on the bed. She shot up off the bed and backed away a little.

"Chrissy I'm not here to be a reminder. I'm here to make sure you're okay." She came towards me.

"I miss you so much Cal but, Luke makes me feel like I'm worth something. I'm not constantly alone and even when I want to be alone he's still there making sure I'm okay. You were never there and when you are, you aren't. Yes you rescued me but who's been with me since day one." Chrissy wrapped her arms around my waist. I buried my face in her shoulder.

"I love you Chrissy." She ripped away from me in shock.

"No. Calum don't you say that. Don't you dare." She pushed past me while wiping a tear off of her face.

I followed her out of the bedroom. She turned around to look at me.

"Chrissy don't push me away like this. I can't watch you hurt yourself without doing anything."

"You couldn't have come and saved me instead you make Michael then Luke. Fucking grow up."

"I couldn't say anything. I can't see the pain in your eyes and still be able to be sane. Chrissy, can't you see how much I care about you." I felt like she wasn't hearing me.

"If you care so much why can't I ever tell you anything? Why am I only able to actually talk to Luke?"

Luke walked into the room.

"Look I have waited outside the whole time. You guys need to go somewhere together. Just st-"

Chrissy pulled Luke to her. She kissed him like I wasn't there. Luke pulled away and left us alone. She walked in front of me. She kissed me just like she did with Luke. It felt right. She pulled back and left me standing there alone. She walked to the front door and grabbed Luke's car keys. She turned and looked back at me before completely leaving me alone in the apartment. I looked out the window to see Luke and Chrissy kissing out front before walking hand in hand to Luke's car.

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