saved me

My name is Matthilda Joan but,I say my name is Mattie. You see, I have no friends and my mom doesn't care about me,my dad left before I was born and Ma says it's my fault. I believe her. I'm bullied in school and have been since I was 9. They say I'm fat and I believe them. I became bulimic. They always say I am worth nothing to anyone and to kill myself. I try.I self harm and I tried to drown myself. Somebody saved me. Who? Wish I Knew.
Now that was when I was ten but,now I'm 15.
The only one who keeps me from doing it again is Demi lovato,My inspiration to keep going.


5. preparing for hell.

I yawn when I woke. Yay! I'm about to Indore another day of hell. Scarlett Kevins (pretty,blond,popular,mean) and Jeanette lanes (pretty much a replica of Scarlett ) are going to be there. They both have perfect attendance . Well I better get ready.

I get up and pick out a perfect outfit for ME:black jumper and long sleeve.I went to get a shower after I grabbed my blade.

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