Under the fragments of lights

This is a kingdom hearts fan fiction, probably mixed with the world ends with you, it's going to have one of my made up or oc, Rita, with other characters as well. (right-a is how I pronounce it, the I says itself.) this is my first fan fiction, so enjoy.


2. Under the same sky

In a whole completely different world Sora was still looking for Aqua and Terra, he already knew where Ventus was, he was not aware that Xehanort was lingering somewhere. All Sora knew was that he need to find the last of the lights. He kept on walking quickly eventually he bumped into a school girl his age, he fell back and so did the girl. "Huh? Oh I'm sorry." He said to the girl as he rubbed his head, she just got up without a word and walked away. "H-hey wait!" He quickly got up then follows after the girl, he just noticed that her hair was all the way to her feet also that is a deep ocean blue color, he was dazed by her hair. "Excuse me, Miss!" He said trying every way to get her attention, before realizing it, she has grabbed onto his arm and push him out of the way, dodging something. "You should leave, it's not safe here." She quickly said as she looked up to their attacker, along side their attacker was two other people, she knew who the one with the pink hair was. "You!" She growled, the clueless Sora looked up to their attackers, his eyes widen, he quickly summoned his keyblade and put his arm in front of the girl to protect her. "You should leave!" He said while looking over to her. "I can handle myself." She replied back to him, to his surprise she summoned to swords, one of light, and one of darkness, 'this girl is not normal' Sora thought.

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