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2. Jean Kerstein x You (Thalia Amore) For LadyFan-Fic



      "That plan actually worked!" Armin Arlet, my genius friend, says to Eren, my green-eyed titan shifting buddy, "I still can't believe they thought Jean was you!”

Eren rolls his eyes, “yeah. I don’t know why. The Military Police must be really dumb. I don’t have his horse face!”

     The people in the mess hall start snickering. Of course, with those two, silence is not an option.  For the once quiet and tranquil state of the room soon comes to an end when Jean abruptly stands up, the bench creaking loudly as he pushes it away with his legs. Everyone watches in awe as he growls in a low, menacing voice, “what did you say, Jaeger?”

     Sasha gulps the rest of her food down in fear. To her relief, no one dares turn around to see where the loud noise came from; they’re too focused on the ‘battle’ they know will happen ahead of time. Of course, Potato Girl didn’t go entirely unnoticed. She was spotted by, of course, me, and Connie who just smirks sweetly at her, to which she blushes in return. I feel like face-palming, but thanks to my shyness of not wanting to get noticed, I just turn and watch like everyone else. Okay, first of all… I’m shy. Big deal! If I could change it, believe me, I would. Every time I attempt to talk to a person, I either end up stuttering or saying something really weird that obviously gives them the impression that I am, and… Yeah… I try my best to fit in! I really do! It’s just hard… I’m different. I’m socially awkward and self-conscious. Oh Sina! Last time he came near me, I turned into a blushing mess!

     Armin sits nervously in his seat, sweat dropping down his face as he twiddles his thumbs. Mikasa just stops eating and looks at Eren, who doesn’t seem fazed by this situation in the least bit. He nonchalantly fills his spoon aimlessly with another spoonful of soup before dropping it in the bowl again with a loud CLANG! “What? You’re really that deaf? I was just explaining to Armin that I don’t have your horse-face.” Of course this angers Jean. He walks up to Eren and grabs him harshly by the shirt, pulling him up.

     “You want some, Jaeger?!” he yells into the titan shifter’s face, to which he just smirks.

     “No thanks, I’m full… But I’m sure you do!” And with that, Eren grabs Sasha’s remaining food plate and stuffs it in Jean’s face. Everything happens so fast, the next thing I know is that Sasha is crying her eyes out with Connie comforting her and the green eyed boy smirking as Jean immediately lets go of him, much to Mikasa’s relief, and starts trying to paw the mushed up food out of his eyes. When the plate drops to the floor and shatters, everyone is too busy laughing wildly at Jean’s food covered face to even worry about cleaning that up before Captain Levi sees. Of course, I’m worried, but I’m not gonna get punished! Not while I’m Thalia Armore, your average shy goody two-shoes. Just then, Sasha stands up from her seat, bearing fists as she glares at the empty space on the table. “You murdered my food,” she exclaims, “now you will pay!” with that, she lunges at Jean. “FOOD FIGHT!” and the battle begins.

      I look across from me to see Carmen; her brown eyes widened at the sight of her brother, soup all over him from Connie’s bowl, which Sasha had just dumped over his head, the bowl lop siding like a white small hat. I look back at her and she bursts into a fit of laughter. Eren sends her a glare.

      “Shut up, Carmen!” he yells at her, obviously angry at his sister’s sudden betrayal.

      “I’m… haha! Sorry… haha… Big Brother!!!” Carmen tried to reply through giggles, wiping a tear from her right eye with a smile. Her long brown hair lightly flowing as she throws her head back and laughs harder, “you’re too funny!!!”

       Eren blushes madly as the rest of the hall laughs along to his little sister. The titan shifter sends her a silent message, almost as if saying “I’ll get you back later”. It looks like Carmen got it because she gulps under Eren’s emerald gaze.

     “Eren’s blushing!!! The famous Eren Jaeger is blushing!!! Someone get a camera!!!” Jean calls loudly, swallowing a triumphant giggle.

     “YOU’RE IN FOR IT, KIRSTEIN!!!” Eren jumps onto the table with a thud and starts throwing random pieces of bread at the well-known horse-face. Suddenly, everyone jumps up and starts attacking each other, like they’ve just discovered “Attack on Food”. Armin cowers and ducks underneath the table for cover for protection, holding his hands over the back of his neck like it’s his only weakness. Carmen giggles and jumps on top of Eren, covering his green eyes from sight, “Get off me, Carmen!!! Whose side are you on?!

Carmen just giggles, “no can do, Big Brother!  If I do, you’ll just get me back later.”

“I WILL IF YOU DON’T GET OFF OF ME, DAMMIT!!” He yells, trying desperately to shake his sister off his back.

      I notice that Mikasa can’t help but giggle at the scene. After her parent’s died, the Jaeger’s became the only family she has. No wonder she looks so fondly at Carmen and Eren, as if she’s looking at real siblings. Her dark eyes soften seeing them like that, a complete difference to the nonchalant state I’m used to. She must really care for them.

     I quickly duck down when Carmen yells, “Thalia! Catch!” I jump up onto the table to catch the bread roll before it hits the wall. I look at Jean who shoots me a wink, gesturing to Eren. I blush beat red. With all my might, I throw the roll in Eren’s direction.

     “Whoa!” Eren calls before stumbling back, losing his balance with Carmen blinding his sight from sitting atop his shoulders. Eren misses the roll before it hits him. To my surprise, I do hear a splat, not from the wall, oh no. This annoying baguette just had to land in the face of the shortness of Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, Lance Corporal Levi…


I'd never gone with the wind
Just let it flow
Let it take me where it wants to go
'Til you open the door
There's so much more
I'd never seen it before
I was trying to fly
But I couldn't find wings
But you came along and you changed everything


           Everyone freezes in their spots. Carmen hurriedly gets off Eren’s back when she notices the Captain, blushing madly. Eren hurriedly salutes, everyone immediately following the titan shifter’s lead. I just stay frozen in my spot, my arm still extended from throwing the item used to ‘assault’ the short man.

           “Cadet Armore,” Captain Levi speaks in a simple, monotone voice, still managing to scare the jeepers out of me, “would you care to explain exactly what’s going on?”  I immediately straighten my posture into a salute, acting as innocent as I possibly can, “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about, Sir!”

The corporal raises an eyebrow, “hm? Then why are you standing on a table?”

I hurriedly look down. Great. Way to go, Thalia! Look at the stupid mess you’ve gotten yourself into. You just had to get caught in his brown eye trap. You just had to fall for that horse face! Just great. Sweat trickles down my forehead as I try to explain, “I… Well...” and then I do the worst thing I know I can possibly do it this situation, “EREN STARTED IT!!!!”

            “WHAAAATTTTTT???!!!!!! I STARTED NOTHING, DAMMIT!!!!” Eren protests. Oh come on, Buddy. We all know it’s you. If you hadn’t made that statement about Jean having a horse face, we wouldn’t be this mess if not for you. Jean wouldn’t of grabbed his… Oh… yeah… But then again, he wouldn’t have done it if Eren hadn’t provoked him.

            “Eren, could you please explain in more detail what Cadet Armore means by this?” Captain Levi asks. Uh oh! Eren’s gonna get it now!!!! Phew… If I could, right this moment, an evil grin would be plastered on my face, but it’s not; it would give me away BIG TIME!!!!! Sweat trickles done Eren’s face as he tries to think of an answer. How’s Mr. Titan boy gonna get outta this one, huh? Mwahahaha!!!

          “I-I um…” Eren stutters, “it was Carmen!” He turns an accusing finger on the poor brunette staring eyes wide at her brother’s betrayal.

          “Whaaaattttt????!!!!!” Carmen protests, “I didn’t do anything! It was you and Jean!!!”

          “Carmen.” The Captain says in a smooth, monotone voice. I can see Carmen blush and flinch ever so slightly.

          “C-captain?” she stutters.

          “This is the third time this weak you’ve gotten into trouble.”

          “I-I understand, Sir…”

          “My office in five minutes, I’ll decide your punishment. Kirstein, Jaeger, Armore, I expect this to be cleaned by the time I get back. If I’m not able to see my reflection, you’ll do it again after running fifty laps,” and with that, Captain Levi takes his leave, a scared Carmen following behind. She turns around, mouthing “help me” before walking out the door.

         “You seriously just sold your lil’ sis out like that?!” I ask Eren, dumbfounded.


         “You idiot!” I slap him hard right across the cheek, earning a yelp.

         “What the hell, Thalia?!” Eren shouts. Jean smirks at me.

         “Looks like Little Miss Cadet Armore isn’t so shy after all,” he whispers huskily in my ear. My brown eyebrows wiggle in frustration. To hide my blush, I slap him raw across his cheek, harder than I did Eren. “Ow!” Jean cries in pain. He leans in again, smirking at me, “feisty. I like feisty…”

          Okay, that’s it! I’m totally reaching my limit now! How am I meant to clean without him seeing my tomato face?! Gosh… If Jean really did like me… That would be the best thing ever… Unfortunately, he doesn’t. He does that to women for his own enjoyment; that’s all. Nothing else… WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR?! CAN’T MARIA, ROSE AND SINA SEE THAT I LIKE HIM??!!!! DAMMIT!!!!!! JUST KILL ME NOW!!!!!

          “Um… Thalia? You feel okay?” Eren asks, waving a hand in front of my face. I snap out of my daze and whip around to face him, my brown bob following closely behind. I stare at him.

          “Yeah, why?” I ask.

Eren and Jean exchange weirded out looks, “um… First… We thought you were shy. Secondly, you keep mumbling about liking Jean…”

           “WHAT?!” Oh, dammit!!! I must have been thinking aloud!! Oh gosh, this is so embarrassing!!! I don’t want him to find out that way! It’s so… ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is life so hard???!!!! “I’m sorry… I have to go,” and with that, I run from the mess hall, leaving the two boys staring there with their mouths wide open in shock. And yes, that means they’ll have to clean up themselves. How can I care less at the moment?! He found out I like him! This is the worst thing ever!!! I’ll never be able face him ever again! I’ll never be able look into his brown eyes that remind me so much of a horse ever again! I’ll never be able to say his name again without bursting into tears. What should I do now, leave the Squad?! I can’t do that… If I do, they’ll have one less soldier fighting for humanity and I would be betraying my friends. It wouldn’t be just my friends, though. I would be betraying him


You lift my feet off the ground

You spin me around

You make me crazier, crazier

Feels like I'm falling and I am lost in your eyes

You make me crazier, crazier, crazier


              “Thalia…” Jean begins with wide-eyes.

              “No, I understand… You don’t feel the same. I’m just being stupid. Please forget everything,” I say, looking down, “excuse me, you two.”

              Before either can say a thing, I speed from the mess hall, tears staining my cheeks. Now that Jean knows I like him, what’s gonna happen? It’s not like Eren to keep a secret that big. Everyone in the squad will soon here about it. They’ll hear about the shy and self-awkward Thalia, how she had a crush on the flirtatious horse-face and ran from the room when he found out, too much of a coward at the fact he may reject her. Oh gosh, why can’t I accept my fate? How can I be so brave against a titan when I can’t even be brave against my heart?! WHAT GOD CREATED THESE FEELINGS?! WHY DID YOU MAKE LIFE SO HARD?! Why? Why must I be tortured…? It’s not…

             I can’t hold it in anymore. The tears flow freely from my brown eyes. In frustration, I grab my short brown hair and tug it hard, the pain distracting me from the one in my heart. Doki doki doki doki beats in and out of my chest in a rapid speed. My head hurts and my stomach overcomes the most horrid feeling. I just want to die. Dying; my worst fear, the thought of large teeth bearing and opening, revealing the sight of a large, blood stained, slippery tongue. I can imagine in caving in on me, bringing me into the depths of darkness as the sharp canines chomp on my arm, the excruciating pain registering all throughout my body as I scream in pain. Of course, this is only my imagination. The real thing… Would be so much worse. The real thing… Would be a living hell to me, right until my death. Dying… I’ve never wanted to die more than I ever did now. All it takes is a swipe. One clean swipe on my wrist, breaking apart the vein that worked to keep me alive. Then, I would die. It would be a silent death that no one would know about until they find my dead body in my dorm room, see the same blade I used to slay titans be the weapon that slayed me. It won’t matter. Jean Kirstein slayed me. He slayed my heart, ripped my feelings apart… No… It will never be his fault. He never knew. Even if he did, he would’ve rejected me none-the-less. Boys want what they can’t have. Besides, there are tons of women out there that are better, cuter and smarter than me. Why should he choose me anyway? Because I like him? Please! If the world worked like that, why would we have feelings? So we can forever be happy? This God, if there is one, didn’t make it easy for us; infact, he made it hard. Love… That word, it either breaks a person or fixes them inside. It either brings happiness or hurt. It brings suffering or relief. It gives or it takes. Altogether, it’s a burden. It’s a cruel, hurtful feeling if it’s unrequited, yet at the same time… It’s beautiful. Being loved back… every girl’s dream. I want to smile when he hugs me, want to dream in his arms, I want to see this blood-thirsty world we live in from a different perspective. Only then will I be satisfied; only then will I truly be free.

         The tears won’t stop falling freely in front of my face, my head just throbs more the harder I pull my hair. Nothing’s working; I can’t take my mind off him. I can’t believe it! I’ve fallen for a horse-face!!!!!!!!! They say that the reason people fall in love is because fallen things eventually break. I fell for Jean… And now… I’m broken…

         “What’re you moping around for?” I hear a kind, feminine voice fill my ears and I look up to see the kind, compassionate face of Carmen, smiling radiantly at me.

I raise an eyebrow at her, “hey Carmen, how did your punishment go?”

She pauses for a split second. I don’t know if I’m imagining it but I swear I can see a bit of pink dusting her cheeks before it fades, “it was fine, I guess…”

         “Fine? When is punishment fine?” Carmen can definitely tell I’m not buying it, “what did Captain Levi make you do?”

         “L-laps until the afternoon! W-what are you getting at?!” she asks, shocked.

I smile at her, drying my tears before she can see them, “nothing. Though you really should confess you like him, it’s pretty obvious.” Got her! Knowing Carmen, she’ll be a blushing mess and leave me alone; then I won’t have to tell her about what happened and my secret will be safe… Unless Eren blabs to her. I mean, they are siblings and get along really well; it won’t be a surprise if she finds out. Maybe it’s best to tell her now… Carmen and I are really close and I’m sure she’s there for me. If the same thing happened to her about Levi… She’d tell me for sure. Either that or she’d get Serena to talk to him and smack him upside the head if he broke her heart. You’d expect that though – they are best friends. Maybe I should tell Carmen, she what she has to sa—

        “Um… Thalia?” Carmen waves a hand in front of my face. When I look up, she smiles and sits beside me on the fountain’s edge, “I seemed to of lost you for a second – you okay?”

        “Y-yeah,” I reply, “back to my original question.”

She smirks at me, “I’ll tell him when you confess your undying love for horse-face.”


       I turn into a blushing mess in front of her brown eyes. She giggles and pinches my cheeks, much to my annoyance. I watch as her expression turns grim.

       “What is it?” I ask.

       “You’ve been crying, haven’t you?” Carmen states, furrowing her brows into a frown.

I nod.

      “Thalia…” she whispers.

The tears stream down my face and I can’t bear it anymore as I cry into my hands.


Carmen rubs my back in attempt to calm me, “well, when you ran out, you left them to clean all that mess on their own.” She giggles.

     “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jean probably hates me even more for making him clean that mess, not to mention leaving him with titan boy!

     “THALIA! STOP CRYING AND I’LL TELL YOU A SECRET!!!” she yells over me, hugging me tightly.

     “S-secret?” I ask. Now I’m curious! I wipe my eyes and stare at her intently. Carmen sighs before blushing slightly.

     “H-he didn’t make me run laps…” she whispers. Wait – WHAT?!

     “Then what did he make you do?!”

    “I’ll leave that to your imagination,” Carmen tells me, getting up. She starts walking away to stop and say, “go get him, Thalia.”

For the first time that day, a smile makes its way onto my lips, “thank you… Carmen…”


I've watched from a distance as you made life your own
Every sky was your own kind of blue
And I wanted to know how that would feel
And you made it so real
You showed me something that I couldn't see
You opened my eyes
And you made me believe


    It’s Winter now. I don’t know how, but for some reason, I’ve been able to avoid Jean for all this time. Carmen’s always trying to talk to me but I always manage to get away in time; not without catching a hurt glance every time.

    I know what you’re thinking; I will confront Jean one day… Just… I need to take my time about it – not rush into things. Doing that would be a big mistake on my part! I just need to calm down and the time will eventually come! Breathe in and out... It’s not like he’s gonna come up to me today. I’m just worried that I’m hurting my friends at the moment… Well, it’s clear I am from the hurt glances I get from Carmen (which are followed by death glares from Mikasa as she comforts her little foster sister). Krista’s come to see if I’m alright a few times. It just ends up with me snapping at her saying “I’m fine!” and that’s the end of it. I know I should be nicer, they’re only being there for me, but the questions will never end otherwise.

   Commander Erwin has been eyeing me suspiciously as if he knows something’s up – which is why I’m trudging to his office right this second. I appear in front of the large wooden door before gliding my fingers over it in a rhythmic pattern.

    “State your name and business,” I hear a masculine voice sound from the opposite side of the door.

    “Cadet Thalia Armore. You wanted to see me, Sir?”

There’s a moment of silence before I hear, “come in.”

I gulp and enter the office to see the tall blonde man staring out the window behind his desk. He turns around when the click in the lock sounds. I immediately salute him but he just smiles and puts his hands up. “At ease, Soldier.”

I drop my salute and look him straight in the eyes, “what seems to be the matter, Commander Erwin?”

He rubs his chin with his left hand, “I’ve noticed a sudden change in your behaviour over the past months; it’s quite clear in your fighting skills also. I’ve become concerned for you, Thalia. Is anything wrong?”

I gulp, looking down. I bawl my fists as if the pain will help me hold on. “No, Commander… Everything’s fine…” Wow… I said that without stuttering! If only I didn’t look down; that’s probably given me away.

    “I’ve also noticed that you’ve been avoiding some of your comrades lately – especially the one cursed with the face of a certain four-legged animal that we often ride into battle.”

I try my best to hold in a snigger… But guess what? I BURST OUT LAUGHING!!!!!!!!! “HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! I’M SORRY, HAHAHAHA!! COMMANDER!!! YOU’RE HAHAHAHA TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!”

   “Ahem,” Commander Erwin clears his throat, “dude, I’m being serious, you have to chill and listen to D.J. Eyebrows’ smooth beats.”

   “ERMAHGERD!!!! L.O.L!!!!! I RESPECT YOU SO MUCH, D.J. EYEBROWS!!!” I  giggle so much that the next thing I know, the Commander is back to normal, raising an eyebrow at me.

   “Excuse me? What did you just call me, Cadet?”

   “D.J. EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!! COZ ERWIN GOT DA BEATSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

   “Uh… Thalia? Do you need to visit the infirmary? We can’t have a soldier – being all serious all the time and not chillin’ and partyin’, and not causing any havoc… Dude, you gotta get loose.”

   “YES!!! GET LOOSE!!!! KICK OFF YOUR SUNDAY SHOES!!!!!!” I run around the office, laughing my head off.

   “Sir, maybe Cadet Armore is emotionally wrecked? After all, we’ve lost quite a few close friends…” I turn my head to see who’s at the door and a wide grin spreads on my features as I tackle them.


   “WOAH!” I crash Jean to the ground, his back facing me, straddling him as I bounce up and down.

   “Giddy up, Jeanny Boy!!! Let’s go and raid the Corporal’s office! CHARGE!!!!!” I smack the side of his torso and he gives a fake neigh sound, charging to our destination. I close my eyes and giggle, enjoying the ride.


You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier, crazier
Feels like I'm falling and I am lost in your eyes
You make me crazier, crazier, crazier


      I open my eyes when the cool air hits my face and the snowflakes fall on my head, I’m so thankful I’m wearing a coat! I stare in puzzlement as I get off Jean. “Huh? Weren’t we gonna raid Shorty’s clean-freak cave?”

Jean rubs the back of his neck, “Um… No. I don’t know about you, Thalia, but I don’t really want to die an early death, and I don’t want you to either.”

Suddenly, the gears turn in my head and my thought process returns to normal, “whoa! What happened?!”

      “You’re back to normal!!! PHEW!!!!” Jean exclaims in relief, “you were emotionally wrecked and calling Commander Erwin stuff like D.J. Eyebrows…”

      “I WHAT?!”

      “But don’t worry!!! I covered for you!!!”

      “Thank you… Jean?! Oh no – I was avoidi—no! this can’t happen!!!!!!” I cover my ears with my hands and duck my head down in utter humiliation. I did it again – freaked out in front of the Commander and rode my crush like a pony. Best… Day… Ever…


Baby you showed me what living is for
I don't wanna hide anymore
Oh oh


     Warm hands are felt on my cold ones as I slowly lift my head up in curiosity. As if time has stopped, the world slows around me. The only thing I can see is Jean’s hazel brown eyes as I feel the sensation of his warm lips against mine in a soft movement. I wrap my arms around him as he does the same. When we pull away, I realise that everyone else is there, grinning at us, Armin shyly holding Mistletoe above us.

     “Thalia, I love you, too…” Jean whispers, staring into my eyes. The moment feels like it could last forever until…

    “Hey, Sis! Looks like Jean found a Pony-Face!!!!” Eren calls out, Carmen sticking her thumbs up at me and grinning.

    “WHAT?!” I shout in protest, my face turning beat red. I look up at Jean for help to find that he’s smiling at me and chuckling.

    “I like that. I love you, Thalia, my little Pony-Face.”


You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier, crazier
Feels like I'm fallin' and I am lost in your eyes
You make me crazier, crazier, crazier
Crazier, crazier.


      Christmas, one of the most magical times of the year, perhaps the best. Why? Anything can happen. You never know, a Pony and Horse just might fall in love…



Here it is, LadyFan-Fic! I'm sorry it took so long - I had exams and stuff. I still feel guilty about making you wait so long but I hope you're happy with the end result! It went a tiny bit over ten pages... But I'm glad! I reached my goal! I hope you enjoyed that sweet moment with your Jean, Pony-Face Thalia! xD

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