The Deadly Truth of Love

Cianter High...a big high school for all the Magures(magical creatures). It's one of the most famous in the land..but also the most deadliest considering it also holds the evil Magures on the other half of the school.

Ciara is the popular high school witch. She loves to show off and tease others. She hates when people are better then her and she always gets her way. Her boyfriend ,Alex, is a wizard.Together they basically rule the school for the good Magures.

But then of course Ethan comes along. As a shadowprince,he is on the side of Evil and pretends to be cunning around his people. But he really is shy and smart. He gets bored so he pretends to be Good and blends into the crowd. As he blends in He is immediately the target for all of Ciaras joke and comments. But the strange thing is..He falls in love with her!?
But of course, witches and shadows were never ment to be in the first place. Especially if one is royalty.

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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