The 'Harriet Quincey Academy of Performing Arts' seems amazing! Lola Craven has always dreamt of going to the college. New friends, glaring spotlights and jazz shoes. All of Lola's favourite things... In one school!

Edited by Stella Wade


2. Safe & Sound

I’m back!

It is the afternoon and I am just going to tell you what happened when I arrived at the HQA. (AAAAAHHHH!)

I got off the bus and immediately saw this huge building looming ahead of me, but it wasn’t looming, it was stood there majestically inviting me in! I loved the look of my new home. My huge new home! The door swung open as I entered what seemed to me like a palace! There were a couple of girls swimming around in the hallway but not many as most were in bed or they hadn’t arrived! I was instantly swooped up by a chubby woman with a huge afro. She was telling me that she was my matron and she would be looking after me throughout my time at the HQA. She seemed very nice and she didn’t stop chatting until the Head Teacher came over to give me my own room key and all the instructions, rules and mottos! I was told that I was the second person from my dorm to arrive and she was sleeping therefore I had to be quiet when entering the room. When I got in I got straight into bed and popped my suitcase underneath my bed.

I’m now really hungry! They have a breakfast hall somewhere in this huge building. There are so many hallways I am having to go through but, I’m okay, I’ve got Lara (the girl who arrived before me last night) who is leading me there. Lara is really smart, I only know this because we were discussing exams. She said that she got 6 A* and 1 A! I think my jaw now aches from it hanging down for so long after I heard that news! I wasn’t known as smart, definitely not. I was known at my old school for being “The Pretty One”. There are always groups that people are sectioned into-

The Geeks/Nerds

The ‘Popular’ Ones (mean)

The Popular Ones (genuinely nice)

The Sporty Ones

The Glamorous/ handsome

The Normal, Ordinary School Child

I don’t agree that anyone should be depicted into groups. Everyone is different. Guess which group I’m in! The Glamorous and Handsome of course. I imagine Lara as floating through all of the groups (minus the mean popular ones). She is quite pretty, obviously has some brains but I wouldn’t put her down as a nerd. Just organised. Oops! I’m here now! Breakfast here I come.




There is so much choice!

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