The 'Harriet Quincey Academy of Performing Arts' seems amazing! Lola Craven has always dreamt of going to the college. New friends, glaring spotlights and jazz shoes. All of Lola's favourite things... In one school!

Edited by Stella Wade


1. First Impressions

I am excited.

I can’t hide it.

I have always wanted to go to the HQA, that’s the Harriet Quincey Academy (of performing arts) for all you with narrow, non-artful minds. My name’s Lola Craven and I have always wanted to be an actress. To hear the crowds screaming my name… But at the moment I have a Saturday job in a fish and chip shop, which is far, far, far away from being an actress. The only time I hear my name screamed is when I’ve got the order wrong and my boss is threatening to fire me.                                                                                                 

I much prefer my life at home. My mum always says that I live in the lap of luxury, she is really overprotective, she only let me go on my first bus trip a year ago (I’m 14 years old!) she insists on driving me everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere, when I go into town with my mates she drives me and my friends there. I can’t really complain about my mum though, she works in a mega popular sweet shop which all of my friends think is really cool. On top of this, she always brings me back new sweet flavours to try out. Yum! She makes sweets as well as selling them. When she’s not in the shop she is in the garden picking, growing and smelling new plants that could go into sweets. It’s not just me and my mum though, my dad is a lawyer so I hardly ever see him. He’s always out visiting new courts or speaking to new clients about their issues. My friends Lucia and Randy cried at my leaving party- how sweet! I’ve got to say that I shed a tear too. The leaving party was sooooo good. It was a surprise, I got back from school and they were all there, all the people that were and still are important to me. There were streamers and balloons saying ‘Good Bye’ and ‘We Will Miss You’. There was even cake!!! I got cards and presents and Lucia and Randy said a speech. Some of the boys had even prepared a break dancing routine which was very good with a bit of funny mixed in when Lucas fell on his head during his ‘Flip’

I also have 2 sisters and 1 brother, they’re all older than me and have left to go to uni or start jobs. I’m the only kid left in the house. Maybe that’s why my mum is so protective?! My sisters Rebekah or Bek as everyone calls her and Iris are twins and they’re always together. They even went to the same uni! They’re at Hull University studying psychology. My brother Rupert or Ru is a famous author and he features me in some of his books! I miss them all but I’m sort of used to being the only child, it’s been like this for years. Anyway, enough of my boring life back home. I’m leaving that behind, this is a new start. HQA here I come! I hope you’re ready for me Harriet!

The train ride is going to be long. I am going to catch 3 trains and 2 buses! I know this may seem pretty boring to some of you so feel free to skip on a bit but, I will tell you my journey plan.

Bus to Sheffield Station from my House – 30 minutes

Train from Sheffield to Gloucester – 2 hours 4 minutes

Train from Gloucester to Taunton – 1 hour 11 minutes

Train from Taunton to St Ives – 10 hours 9 Minutes

Bus to HQA – 30 minutes

I’ll let you know how the travel went when I arrive at College after my 14 hours and 15 minute journey. Oooh! It’s so exciting! What am I going to pack? I’ll write a list of what I am taking with me now-


Wash bag (and all the stuff inside)

Journal/ diary 

Clothes Jazz and ballet shoes

Slippers and pyjamas.

Etc. The list carries on!


I’m about to leave… But I thought I might tell you a bit about the girls I am sharing a dorm with, I have met three of them already! We bought some of our clothes and decorations for the dormitory together! We bought a really cool clock, some candles and loads of other stuff which I am sure you will hear me talk about over the course of this year! There are 4 people in each room and each person gets a bed (with curtains around it!), a desk, a bedside table and a wardrobe. All four of us have to share a bathroom but oh well. Apparently the rooms are HUGE! All the girls seem pretty nice (the ones I have met) but, I particularly like a girl called Nikita, she prefers to be called Nik though! I have got to go now but when I get there I will tell you more about Nik and the rest of the girls. I’m getting nervous now… What if the girls aren’t actually that nice, maybe they will be horrible and think that I am lame writing in a diary every morning/ night? Anyway, see you there!

I’m on train number 3! And I am sooo tired, it turns out that one of my trains was delayed by an hour so it is now 4 o clock in the morning. Therefore, I am not going to write to you until I wake up in the afternoon. I still have to meet my Dorm Mistress, more about that later  I thought I would just say hi and tell you that I am okay, I only have the rest of this journey and a 30 minute bus journey until I am at my new home! Oops, I’m about to get off the train. I don’t wanna miss my bus to fame! Byeee!

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