Addictive || L.H.

When Shay meets her idol, she comes across a feeling she thought didn't exist. She thought this couldn't happen. Falling in love with a boy she didn't know. But Luke Hemmings has got her under his spell. Where will this love story lead them to?


1. One

I push open the big green doors to enter the studio. The familiar smell of plastic and cheap air freshener comes to meet me. I smirk.

It has been days since I showed up on my work, I have been busier than ever with studying for my final exams. College. It were a few tough years, and it is almost at it's end, but it's now only getting tougher.

I help my dad in the studio, he is old and not capable of doing a lot. I am not here very often, but when I am, I am glad that I came. The studio is very old, my dad has worked with several famous bands. Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, and even Maroon 5.

Today he called me, telling me that we have new records to record, a new band.

I am here to tell them how we work and what they have to do to make the sound as good as possible.

I walk passed the counter where the secretariat , Jade, is busy with some paperwork.

"Morning" she murmurs without looking up at me. "Hi" I reply. She looks up at me quickly. "You're here to record the new records of 5SOS?" She asks. She signs a paper and puts it in a folder.

I freeze. "5SOS?" I murmur. "No, oh my sweet god" I walk to her, placing my hands on the counter.

"I know that you are a fan, but you have to keep calm. They wanted to work with us because they wanted to try something new. You need to make a good first impression" she says. I nod at her. "Fix your hair, please. You look like you where run over by a truck. And button up that shirt, we don't want your boobs to peek out" she points at my shirt. I do as she says. "Here are the agreements, you need to discuss these, now go. If you have any questions you can call me" she commands. Her hands push the papers in mine. Her eyes burn into mine shortly before she goes back to her paper work.

I walk off. Nerves rush through my body. I have been fan of 5 Seconds Of Summer as long as they exist. My dream was to work with them in my dad's studio, and it is finally happening.

I walk to the studio and push open the door. I hear low voices whisper as I enter the room. I keep my head down and my eyes on the ground as I walk in slowly, shutting the door behind me. The boys are silent, the nerves are kicking in, hard.

Slowly I look up to them, pressing the paper firmly to my chest. My grey eyes meet Ashton's green ones. His mouth forms into a solid smile, and I smile back.

Come on, I can do this, I met Beyonce for hells sake.

I slowly walk towards them, the group spreads around me as I move my hand toward Luke.

"I'm Shay, I will be guiding you through the process" I say. My eyes burn into his soft blue ones. He looks at me and shakes my hand. I try not to gasp as his skin touches mine. An electric feeling goes from my hand to by head. I bite my lip, so does he.

"Luke" he murmurs. His tall body moves aside to let Ashton shake my hand.

I peek at Luke for a second when I lastly shake Calum's hand.

"So what is the deal?" Michael asks. He pushes his hands onto the couch. I sit in front of them in a white sofa. Luke peeks up at me and Ash crosses his hands in front of his chest.

"Uhm" I murmur. I open the folder on the table and get the papers out. "Uh" I say as I grab a pen. My movements are fast and shaky, god damnit nerves.

"We, uhm, we will be telling you wether you are singing loud enough or, er, not. You have to agree with our terms, and you will have to sign" I grab a paper off of the table. I can feel them all looking at me, 4 pairs of beautiful eyes burning into me. I push the paper towards them. "Eh.. You will have to sign this contract. It is an agreement on keeping everything that happens in here silent" I say.

Ashton picks up the paper and starts reading the small letters on it. "Further you have to know that there are no phone's allowed in the studio. You will have to follow our instructions exactly as said" I continue. "You can use the mini-bar and you have free access to the cafeteria" I sigh.

"We both have to sign this contract" I hand them another paper. And again, Ashton is the one to take it. "I will give you some time to discuss this. Would any of you like a drink?" I stand up and look at all of them.

I stand in line in the cafeteria. My best friend, Ang, stands next to me.

"So 5SOS is probably going to record here?" She asks. Her mouth is partly open as she looks at me. I nod. "They're in that room right now, discussing wether they stay or not?" She asks. I nod again.

The woman in line in front of me walks away. I order the drinks the boys wanted. "That'll be 6,98" the woman behind the counter says. I show her my employee pass and walk off with the drinks in my hand.

"Can I come, please?" Ang asks. I grin and shake my head. "No that's against the rules and you know that. I'm done before you know it, wait here" I say as I nod towards a chair. She sits down and I walk to the room.

I place the drinks onto the table. "There you go" I murmur as I sit down on the chair. "So?" I say.

Ashton pushes the signed papers toward me. I smile and stand up. "Welcome to our company" I say as I shake their hands.

"Thank you Shay" Luke says. He bites his lip and winks to me. I chuckle and walk away. "I'm not here tomorrow, you will be working with my dad" I announce as I close the door behind me. I lean against it, sighing in relieve.

I did it.

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