Flash Fiction 500 word entry || hope you enjoy!


1. epiphany

     "Clark. Listen to me. Things die. If you can't come to accept that at least act like you have." Here in this light she looked...intense. Her hair wasn't smooth or clean, nor was her face. Her eyes were severe and lips harsh. She was the only person I ever really listened to and she knew it.

"Clark. Things live for a fraction of a second and then fade into time. You can't stop it."

My heart was beating fast now. A ill feeling rose in my stomach. I tried to control my heavy breathing. 

"Things die." Her eyes were glaring at me with an unwavering stare. She knew what I had to. 

"No...no...no..." I heard a voice that sounded a lot like mine say from far away. My heart was racing and I couldn't get enough oxygen in my lungs. I shut my eyes tight and gripped my hair with my fists. I sank down the side of the wall crouching low. I made myself small. "No...no...no..." My voice was more panicked.

     "Clark! Listen!" Even with my eyes closed I know she had a strong presence in her eyes as she looked at my cowering on the basement floor. "People. Die. Do you know how many people lose their lives in war? My uncle died when I was seven. Your cat died when you were fourteen. Your mom passed away last winter. Clark. Jared is gone. Clark..." I hated the way she said my name. 

     I felt hands touch my knees. "Hey. Look at me." Her voice had  become a whisper. It sunk deep into my skin. I slowly raised my head. I was expecting to see her cold eyes but they were like placid oceans after a storm. "Look right here. You have me now. And I love you. But someday I will die. You can't control it. And Clark," her face was sincere and true, "some day you'll die too."

     Tears flooded my eyes so fast I hadn't realized until the image of the girl in front of me was blurred. The two truest things in the world that I had never been able to understand or accept were now clear. For one thing, I loved her and she loved me back. But it wasn't a gushy fake love that was represented by Romantic Comdey movies and Hallmark cards, it was the real love that you found in your person. The feeling you had someone who saw you as you were and you could tell them anything and they'd be there to hear you.

    I had also come to realize I would someday not be a part of this world, and she wouldn't either, and it scared me to death. But I knew I had her. I didn't have Mom or Jared or even Pepper anymore. I couldn't stop myself from dying but I couldn't stop myself from living either, thanks to her. She saved my life and I didn't even know it.

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