The Individuals

We are put to sleep as soon as we are born. Not dead but not alive. Not born as such either. Computers controlling this lifelessness from the chip we are given when we are born. They inject venoms and insulins into our bodies, watching as our bodies react but we don't feel. But there are a few who have a power. Power to fight the endless sleep that encases us and fight those who enslaved our bodies and minds. These are the few who keep control of their souls. They are different. They are not society. They are the Individuals. And how would I know this? I am one.


1. Chapter One


Chapter One

My name is Lilac, I think it is anyway. The world has been like this for such a long time that I can’t access so many of the memories they locked away in little glass containers, so fragile you could break them if you dropped them in your hand. Nobody touches those. We couldn’t even if we tried. We are here but not here. We are dead but we are alive. I can think, not very many can. We are meant to be unthinking, unconscious, practically dead. They hurt us. Those people who overthrew society. They lived outside the wall. Some people called them ‘Scraps’ but the government called them ‘The Degenerate’. But they were not so worthless after all.


One day they flew something over the wall. The wall surrounding society, nothing can get in or out this way. But this did. They flew over a small plane and inconspicuously let off a clear gas, which put us all in this state. A state of uselessness and made us worthless, then they hooked us up to machines to monitor us and keep us alive but we have no movement no ‘real life’. I only know this from what I can hear. They are always boasting about it. I was seven when it happened. I pointed to my mother Cadelle that there was some kind of grey smoke. No one could see it. But I could. I felt dizzy and fell on the grass I was standing on in the green space. I’m now fourteen. I can tell this because I count the days and every year I start again. I can tell the days from the heat rays from the sunrise i feel on my skin every morning, then the lack of those rays when nightfall arrives. They chipped us at birth in society, they used these chips to keep us like this. And I know they calculate us at death to give a final check at what they are doing works. We are injected with venoms and insulins everyday our bodies reacting our souls unnoticing, no pain. I sometimes make up little stories in my mind, trying to remember the songs we used to sing and those even before then. And making the music the focus point of those small plot lines. Or thinking about the films and movies we used to watch in our pods. Those kind of moving pictures do not exist anymore.


The Degenerate got rid of all society. We are sorted by last names now in rows upon rows of families. I know my sister Echo is next to me she is eleven right now she was only four when it first happened and my mother Cadelle on my other side. My father Adric didn’t make it. His immune system wasn’t strong enough. He was on the right hand side of my mother, I’m on the left, and after the first few of the injections I heard it, his monitor gave out a flat line beep. His heart gave out, his body couldn’t take it anymore and he left us. They wheeled him away to somewhere I have never seen or heard about. They never speak of the place they take the dead because I think they know that a few of us are listening. They call us ‘The Individuals’ because even though we are in the right induced state they want, we can hear and think and smell as well as all of this occasionally I can twitch my first finger on my right hand. Improvement is always welcome.


Before all this happened I can just about remember how I looked. I was always small, agile and a fast runner. My straight hazelnut coloured hair had always hung loose around my waist as my mother refused to cut it any shorter, I had pale complexion and large blue eyes that were tinted a lilac colour. Hence my name. But i couldn’t remember much more than that. But I don’t know how I look now, my memory is of a seven year old girl. Not a fourteen year old one.  


I went to the school in the centre of the city I lived in. The city was called Gestraine and it was one of the four cities society lived in the others were called Hannseer, Meribo and Eltiop. All for spread in a diamond shape around the main city of Seneopi. Seneopi is where the government were. Before those from the outer villages overthrew them. My school contained all those from five years of age all they way up to the age of thirteen. If society was still there I would have just left first school and gone into my first year of second school. Second school contained those from fourteen to seventeen. In society you would have finished school at seventeen then would’ve been injected with a serum that analyses your brain to determine where you would be working for the next thirty three years. It could be anything that the test proves that you are suited for. Everyone always said mine would show Data work because my brain could and still can sort numbers, letters and all kinds of data very quickly. At the age of six they would give you a weaker, less important test that gives them a rough idea of about five or so different jobs you could have. You would take this test once more before you go into second school to sort out which subjects you should study. When I was six, I got less than the normal of five job suggestions i got three. Data sorting, Test creator or Firewall and technology protection tester. All three very good but I should’ve got five, everyone else I know did but I didn’t. They had to manually input two, Firewall and technology protection creator and Number Worker. But none of this matters now. Society is gone. All of it. Society caused destruction. Its own destruction.



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