Ruby Red

I have never felt such pain, good pain. You love something so much it hurts, literally. Wow, him...


1. Ruby Red


There is no real way to start this book. I don't want a date not a title, I want an interesting fact or something so bizarre it's unexpected, but if I am honest, I am not an interesting person.

A basic twenty two year old- that is all I am. With Ruby Red for a name and around fifty pence in my pocket. My sleeping bag over shoulder, my coat in hand. Januarys weather was certainly unkind, but living how I am for the amount of time I have been, you get used to it; snow and ice. If there is one thing to be joyful about, I would say it to be my dog Doug, he's a pal. He sits hesitantly by my side every morning, winter or summer, and stares at passers by; observing. 

I am not sure what to call this book, although I highly doubt it to be published anyday soon as who will read the book of a homeless, unemployed twenty two year old female with just a dog named Doug and fifty pence in hand? Not many I shall say.

I squat outside Mrs James' store, a beer and wines store, 'Fresh Red' It sounds classy, right? Not really. This whole place is a dump, housing estates with smashed in windows on most of the houses, cardboard takeaway boxes leaking yellow liquids and chicken parts. The only half-decent thing about this whole town is the scenery, fields filled with swaying plants and stacked up oak trees, so tall you can barely see where they end. Ducks waddle effortlessly by the river banks and swans glide elegantly through the whispering waves of the rivers. It's nothing special though, the next town is just the same- maybe better. The whole place is in tatters and ruins, oh well.

I haven't got many mates myself, just me and Doug. I fend for myself, you have to. It's like a prison, the richest people making rules and playing games with the squatters, everyone leaves eventually though, I've seen it.

Twenty years here and nothing, not a single penny. Mothers gone, father too and I have no siblings so I'm alone. Doug is the closest thing I have to family.

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