The Destination

This is a short story I had to do for my English class and my friends said it was good and to put it up on my Movellas.... So yeah

The assignment was to describe our kitchen but make it dark and scary.


1. The Destination

The old concrete floor was covered with black and grey and dead bugs crunched beneath your feet as you walked slowly around the corner towards your destination. As you walk your hip hits something and even though you’re not bleeding it feels like you’ve been shot, you hand rushes to your pocket to get your phone but as you pull your hand out, you drop your phone onto the floor with a loud bang and you scramble to pick it up and turn the torch on. Your hands slide on the screen with your sweat and you cut your hand on a piece of broken glass off the screen. Once you’ve turned the torch on you inspect the wound, and come to the conclusion that it’s not as serious as you thought and it’s obvious that you will survive, after you look around the room you relies that it’s a kitchen and your hip hit an island bench. It had stone as the bench top as white as snow but in the dark light that was coming from your phone and outside, it looked blue with black and red, and on top a knife that’s sharp edges were visible even in the gloomy light. Without realizing it your good hand is spreading out to touch the razor-sharp knife like something is compelling you to touch it you try so hard to pull away but nothing you do if enough to make you pull away. Something in the corner of your eye moves and you want to turn and look but your hand keeps going for the knife ***BANG*** your head whips around to face the noise as a cat jumps out of the cupboard and pots and pans fall on to the floor, as the cat runs away and the darkness swallows it up. You then see it what you were searching for the whole time, you never thought it could be so beautiful. You walk towards and open the large white doors of the…… Pantry.

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