The day Autumn is invited to the new kid's welcome party, Autumn and the new kid, Luke, feel a connection. The two talk to each other in school and start getting interested in each other. Will Autumn be able to get in a relationship with Luke??


1. Pool Party

I stripped off my shirt and tightened my swim top straps. I pulled off my shorts and adjusted my swim bottoms. I looked over at the snack bar to see the new kid staring at me. A moment of connection struck until Ashley walked in front of him. Ashley, the brattiest girl in the high school, started curling her hair and talking to the new kid. She flashed her ugly brown eyes and whispered something in his ear. I turned around and shoved my clothes in my bag. Lily walked towards me and placed her bag next to mine.

"Hey Autumn" Lily said

"Hey.." I said plainly and sighed.

"What's up with you?"

Lily looked up to see me staring at the new kid talking to Ashley... He looked bored.

"Ahh! The new kid?" Lily shook her head and looked at her self in the mirror on her phone. "Let's go." She added.

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