My Life

This is my life and how I see it


1. Who Am I?

Hi... My name is Alyssa and this is my life...    in my own words.

I was born December 24 and my mom says i came out a fighter.

I am 5'8" with blue-green eyes and brown hair. I am an average person (that's what anyone would say)

I'm a dreamer. At least to me i am.

I live with my grandmother and I never met my dad.

I guess thats what you can expect when all he does is knock up my mom and leave her two months after I was born.

People call me special because I knew how to read before I could even walk right,and by the time I was walking I was making programs on a computer... Just imagine a little girl sitting at her family computer, the mouse bigger than her hand, and going through codes to create games.

I guess thats what they expect now...


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