The only person who has control is you.


1. Operation.

Deep breaths, please. Eyes shut.” “Mouth slightly ajar… Tilt your head back.” “Commence Operation in 3 2-“










Darkness. Silence. I’m no longer there.

I can hear my pulse beating against my ear drum. My limbs are all intact, but I can’t feel my fingers. Some sort of powder infiltrates through my nose, breaking through my skull. Why am I not coughing? It itches. It burns.

If I were to open my eyes, would I be blind? My heart is rising to my throat. My spine lifts me up, bringing my chest skyward and my head lingers behind; Am I floating or am I standing? Why am I not in control? My eyes still shut, with a flaming orange glaring into my sockets. A shadow walks past. Left to right.

Right to left.

Who is this heading towards me? Open your eyes. Open. Your eyes, DAMMIT. OPEN YOUR EYES!

My lifeless body floats in water. How am I not sinking? The water is rising. Gushing from a small pin hole in the wall, I need to swim. I need to move so I don’t drown. I push my arm forward but a magnetic force brings it back. What? What is this? I can’t see as the water is at my neck line, and it’s pitch black. Bringing my other arm across my body, again the magnetic force holds on and brings it back. A tug. A grab. A pull. Breathe.

My joints are plugged into wires that feed to the wall. I can’t see anything. I don’t know what I’m floating in, but I know it’s not water. and if it is, it’s not filtered. I look up, and I pinch my legs together, pursing my lips. Endless. Where is the roof? Where is the sky? What is-

A sharp pain hits my neck, forcing my face into this liquid. I am drowning. Suffocating, I try to fight back. I can feel my pulse beating fast like the bass of an intense tune. My body is lifeless. I am not in control. So, I stop.

The liquid has evaporated. My nose is an inch away from this red dust. It stings. It’s flying into my eyes, pecking its way through each layer. I raise my arms to cover my eyes, and my body shakes from side to side. I shake my head and spread my arms out to the side…only then do I realise that I am floating. This is not normal. Something has changed. Something has-

My spine shoots skyward, and the ground disintegrates before me. I see each dust particle crumble into the core point of whatever this location is. My body is hunched over this world that falls below me. My lifeless body floats and I watch each particle scramble to say put.

“Hey!!! Hey you!!!” I squint my eyes to right and see another form, and like myself, they are also hunched over, floating in mid air. “Help me!!!!” Their scream pierces through the air, but they are far from my world. How can I help them? My breaths are short, and my vision begins to blur. The wind picks up and thrusts elements against me. Wood chipping’s broken off the bark of some old withered tree, scarring my flesh. Metal pipes and rodding bruising my bones. Dust particles, freshly grounded soil itching my sight. Water gushing from all around me, putting out the burns from the sun flames. The elements thrusting themselves at me. Wood. Metal. Earth. Water. and Fire.

“Christina.” A soft voice speaks to me. My body begins to un fold, pulling my head out from my chest, and flexing my spine back, as my legs stretch away from my stomach. I am still floating  but I am now facing skyward.

“What happens from this point on is in your hands.”

Who is talking to me?! I recognise the voice, but I can’t think. It’s familiarity begins to drive me insane. Repeating the last words in canon “What happens fro-what happens from thi- in your hands.” A broken record glitching. I don’t know how long it’s been. It feels like hours. The day has definitely passed, but I don’t know what time frame we are working with. The world below, though I cannot see it, I sense its breaking away. I am still this lifeless body staring into a blank atmosphere, and the elements continue to hurl themselves against my body. No emotion is felt. No pain. No burning. I feel dead. I am dead. I close my eyes and the words continue to glitch in my mind.

“What happens- this- what -is in - happens from - hands- from this- from -point on- what happens- is in - your hands.” My eyes snap open and everything slows down. That last glitch. The last lines.

“From this point on. What happens. Is in. your hands.” I need to make a choice. The elements are slowly presenting themselves to me, and I close my eyes, and take a deep breath. Christina. The word comes out:


My body snaps straight. Restrained power bursts from within, and shoots from my body, blasting this place away…The wires attached to my ligaments detach, and just like the dust particles, I crumble to the core.


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