It was just another day for me. I was going to London for the summer with my family. Everything was going well until the plan crashed……


1. Just a normal day

Ariel's pov:

"Ariel time to get up and packed." My mom called it from down stairs. I groaned not wanting to get up and rolled over on my bed. I waited to see if my mom would come up stairs and wake me up. When she didn't come up stairs at all I layed in bed for a few more minutes. Then just as I started to get out of bed and face the long day ahead of me I heard foot steps coming up the stairs. I gasped in a deep breath. "Shit my mom is on to me!!!" I thought to my self as I rushed over to my closet to pretend that I was getting ready to pack.

I waited and listened to see what she was going to do. I heard someone knock on my door and my whole body went still. If this was really my mom she would kill me. "Don't worry mom I'm up and getting ready!!!" I called out to her. I heard the knock again walked over knowing now that it wasn't my mom. She would never knock twice. I opened the door and saw two bright blue eyes looking at me. "Sorry to bother you sissy. Can you help me get dressed?" It was my little brother Danny. I picked him up as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"Of course I can buddy." I said and carried him back to his room where I saw his cloths where all layed out nice and neat. I sat him down and waited for him to change into clean underwear before looking at him. "Okay you can look." He said with a little yawn. I smiled and started to dress him. When I was done I slipped his shoes on and tied them and then sent him down stairs to eat. I went back to my room and stared at my closet. "Now what am I going to wear?"

In the end my need to be comfy won over so I went with this. (her outfit is the picture above) I was happy with what I picked so I moved on and packed my bag and then headed downs stairs to eat breakfast. I walked down the stairs and Danny moved his bag off the chair next to him. "I saved this seat for you and only you Ariel." He said with a face full of ketchup from his eggs. I laughed and sat down by him. "Why thank you Danny." He giggled and went back to eating and my mom came out of the kitchen and dad went on reading the news paper. "Are you all packed for the trip Ariel?" She asked me for the millionth time. "Yes mom I am."


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