Its about a girl goint threw a realy tough time in her life and all she wants is just 1 little speak of luck


1. April 29

Dear Diary

today is Wednesday and i had a pretty good day so far and all i do all do all day long is clean i mean whats the point if you clean it is supposed to stay clean unless you live in a house like i do  when living in my house you have to bite your tongue all the time and onto of being little ms Cinderella i also have school  they say  it is my responsibility to get my school work  done, the house spit spot and i always think in my head "why don't i just go to college early so i can get the hell out of this hell hole i mean come on no one  wants to live in home where you have to clean get your work done and keep your grade up.this Friday we are supposed to this pirate thing were it is a reenactment of pirates inviting the land and stuff like that. everyone is excited except for me, because i know that they think is a little bit of family time and all but we are to spending anytime together when my dad is on his phone and my step mom is screaming all the time.maybe i might get them to at leased act like a normal family.not likely.anyways, my dad just got a new jup at a place called true net and he is gone so much sometimes you would think he does not live here anymore,and my big brother shane seams to be doing ok at his private school in the seventh grade and already has a scholership to college, why can't i be like him????.. im going to rainbow to night so maybe i will have a little bite of fun


wish me luck,


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