Love Story

This is a true love story... Not gonna say who it's about....
Also an entry in the flash fiction competition. 500 words.


1. Love Story

Once there was a girl named Justice. She turned thirteen not that long ago. There was also this boy named Blake. He turned thirteen a while ago. Even though they were both the same age, Justice was in seventh grade, and Blake was in eighth grade. Blake had noticed Justice for a while. She had too, but she decided to start dating a guy named Caleb. She thought she loved him, and he treated her well for a while. That was until one day, when he decided he wasn’t happy with their relationship. He continued to date her, and he even said he loved her. When he told her he just wanted to be friends, she was devastated. She found out that for those past two days he had been lying to her. She felt worthless. She started cutting. A couple weeks after that, Blake realized she wasn’t dating Caleb. He decided to ask her to go to a dance. She was astonished, because she didn’t realized anyone would want to go with her. She happily accepted. She just about had a heart attack when he asked if she wanted to go out with him. She happily accepted again. When they started talking more, they realized they had a lot in common. Justice asked Blake when he wanted to start saying they loved each other. He told her whenever she wanted to, so she told him she wanted to now. He was happy, because he had known he loved her for a while, but didn’t know if she was comfortable saying it yet. Their relationship was taken slow, because neither of them wanted to rush into anything. One Sunday afternoon, Blake texted Justice and asked her on a date. They were going to go watch a movie, and then go out to eat afterwards. She told him she would have to ask. When she asked, she thought that she wouldn’t be able to go, because her parents said they would have to discuss it. That usually meant no. When they finished, they told her she could go. She thanked them, and they told her it just depended on how she acted those next few days. She was still super excited, because she knew she could be good long enough to be able to go. Sure enough, when Saturday rolled around she was able to go. Blake’s parents wanted to meet Justice’s, so they came a little early to pick her up. They seemed to have gotten along, and once they were finished, Justice finally got to leave for their date. They went to the movie, during which they held hands for most of it. Afterwards, they went to eat. Blake was reluctant to let Justice go home, and Justice was reluctant to go home. They had to, though, so they drove her back to her house. They said goodbye and goodnight, and hugged for like a whole minute. She went inside, telling herself she would always remember that night forever.

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