When 8 girls get tickets to go on tour with magcon. Will the boys love the girls as much as the girls love the boys.


1. Chapter 1

Chelsea's Pov

“AAAAHHHHHHHH” I scream, as loud as i could “What.. What.. What happened?.” i heard my friend Blaise ask “I won 8 tickets to go on tour to magcon.” I fangirl Jumping up and down “OMG REALLY” Blaise yells excited  “No…..Just kidding, I did” i say “Don't play like that, You scared me to death” she says “Haha sorry.” I say “Its alright, but what are we going to do with 8 tickets, its only me and you” She explains “Ummmmm I can invite 3 of my friends and you can invite 3 of yours, sounds like a deal?” i ask “Yep, Perfect” She agrees “so who are you going to invite?” I ask her “Ummm I’ll invite…. Emma, Skyler, and Fiona, What about you?I'll invite,saniyah. Erica, and Raven.”  I tell her “Well lets call them.” I say and pick up my Phone, and call Erica (Erica=E, Chelsea=C)

E-Hello  C-Hey guess what E-What?  C-I won tickets to do on tour with….

E-With?????  C-MAGCON!!!!   E-OMG HAPPY DANCE!!!  C-Thats what i'm sayin’  E-So when is it?  C-Idk I”ll let you know later i got to call saniyah,and Raven  E-Ok bye…. C-Bye I hang up the phone and dial Raven’s number (Raven=R ,Chelsea=C)

R-Hello C-Heyyy Guessssss Whattttt….   R-Whattttt??? C-I Won Tickets To Magcon (Sing a song voice)   R-OMG OMG OMG OMG…. YAYY i got to tell someone… YAYYYYY (Screams) C-Well that was loud, ill talk to you later Bye R-Ok bye I hang up the phone and dial saniyah’s number (saniyah=S , chelsea=C S-sup chica C-Hey… so today i found out we will be spending 2 years with…. S-who? is it one direction C-Noooo Its MAGCON YAY S-Really whoo hoooo, well i gtg i'm doing to start packing C-haha ok bye i hang up the phone and go ask blaise if she let

her friends know about the tour. “Yeah i let them know” she tells me, jumping down on the couch “Well I'm pooped” She says, running her hand through her hair. i started looking at the tickets to see the time and date of the flight to L.A, It read  Date:July 10th Time: 4:00 a.m Airport: 3322 Davidson drive “Blaise start packing now, the flight is tomorrow, and at 4:00 in the morning.” I say “Really, gosh let me tell my friends.” She says annoyed, grabbing her phone. I take my phone out of my pocket, and start texting them that its tomorrow and they have to be here at 1:00 so we can leave at 2:00. After that I went upstairs and started Packing, when i'm done packing i change into My PJ’s and climb into bed, then fall asleep.

(Dream) I was in a alleyway, and it was pitch black, i looked around but i couldn’t see anything. All if a sudden i seen a bright light, and a really scary sight… My Dad, he started walking close to me, and i stepped back, “Please don't hurt me Please.” I cry “Please is not going to help you.” He laughs and raises his fist to hit me, I tense up and close my eyes Then….. “Chelsea… Chelsea wake up.” “Please don't hurt me” I whisper, tears flowing down my cheeks, i hug my legs and put my head in my knees “hey.. its alright it was just a nightmare.” I look up and see Blaise looking down at me, “what did you have a dream about?” she asked “My dad.” I whisper still frightened. “Oh...ok, umm… I don't know what to say, but go hop in the shower, and think about rainbows and kittens, ummmm… yeah do that” She says trying to comfort me, she never knew how to comfort someone, But it helps. “Ok” i laugh

(After shower) I look at the time to see if Our friends should be here yet. The time reads 1:58 a.m “Where are they, they should be he-” ding dong

“Well what do you know” I ran to the door to open it. “Finally you decided to show up” I said jokingly. “Sorry” Skylar said “Its alright, come in” I say “Do you have everything” “Yeah” Emma replied “Then lets go, we already are running late” Blaise said worried. We all got into Fiona’s car and drove to the airport. When we got there we put our car in a section where they keep the cars until you come back from the place you’re visiting and ran to catch our plane. We all walked in the airport and put our bags on the bag x-ray machine.  “This is going to be the longest plane ride ever.” Skylar says “I agree” Saniyah replies, right after she says that, a voice on the intercom speaks “Flight 364 to Los angeles  is now boarding.” we grab our bags and run to the plane entries giving the bags to the person who puts our bags on the plane, and hand our tickets to the lady collecting our tickets, then walk on the plane and take our seats. “well I'm pooped i'm going to sleep.” i say, putting my headphones on…..  “wake up, were here.” i hear someone say, i pick my head up off the window and stand up, and everyone is staring at me. “what.” i ask, really confused, and everyone laughs “Whattttt.” i whine “I love you so much hayes, kiss me.” they all say at once while laughing “Oh, was i talking in my sleep?” I ask blushing “Yep” they say “well…. oops” I say, looking down “And we put it on vine, and tagged hayes in it.” Raven said “WHAT….” i scream walking off the plane  “WHYYYY, DID YOU DO THAT…. OMG I HATE YOU PEOPLE…..” i yell, bumping into someone, then falling to the ground. “Omg i'm so sorry.. are you okay?” Ihear a male voice ask “Yeah i'm fine, are you okay?” i ask looking up, when i saw who it was, i froze in place, “y-you're h-hayes grier.” I stutter “The one and only” he says, I hug him and he hugs me back  “I can't believe i am hugging you right now.” i say, crying happy tears “and i can't believe i'm hugging you either.” he says, laughing a bit “I have a question, do you know who is coming on tour with us.” he asks “yeah its me and my friends” I replied excitedly. Hayes smiled warmly, enough to make my heart melt and give me butterflies in my stomach “so can i meet these friends of yours”he asked “yeah there over there” i say pointing to my group of friends, “Follow me” I walk behind everyone and.. “BOO” i scream and they all fall over scared half to death, and i bust out laughing, so does hayes “Y’all should have seen you're faces.” i say in between laughs, my laughing starts to die down, “Anyways I found hayes grier” I say pointing to hayes “OMG really, omg where is nash, holy crap.” Blaise fangirls then…. “Yayyy, Hayes where is shawn.” Raven also fangirls, then again… “Where is Taytay.” Emma fangirls along with all the girls. “Ok then… ummm… they are looking for you girls, but who likes me, cuz i didn't hear my name.” Hayes asks “Me, i do, you are like so freaking hot.” i say not embarrassed at all “ok, you're not bad you're self.” hayes tells me, i blush at little “Thanks.” i say “Ok so could u text the boys and tell them to meet us here.” Skylar asks “Oh yeah i forgot about that.” Hayes says, taking his phone out of his pocket and unlocking it “Oh someone tagged me in a vine.” He says, and my eyes widen “No no no no no, do not look at that.” i say grabbing his phone, and putting it behind my back “Why not, its just a vine.” he says trying to get the phone from me. “Fine, here.” I say, giving the phone to hayes

Hayes grabs the phone and watches the vine. “aww you love me, and you want to kiss me, thats sweet.” He says and puts his phone up to his ear, probably calling one of the boys. “hey nash, i found the girls meet us at the limo….. bye.”  Hayes hangs up the phone, and puts it back in his pocket. “ok, we are going to go outside and meet up with the rest of the boys, if you want you can sit next to you're favorite boy, but you got to let them know first so it won't be confusing ok follow me.” Hayes explains and walks away with us following him. We get outside and see Nash,Shawn,Matt,Taylor,Jack and Jack, and Cameron. Everyone runs up and jumps on them, and i turn to hayes “Do you mind?” I ask “Not at all.” he replies, so i jump on him, he grabs my legs to hold me up and i hug him for dear life.


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