Chasing My Cloud

Kasey Winters has just reached the most subscribers on YouTube. Whats happens when her and her friend meet O2L at Starbucks. Will she end up with the one or will her clouds come rushing down?


1. Chapter 1.

"Kasey wake up" ,my room mate, Ally said. Sometimes I wish she would just let me sleep. 

"No" I reply rudely trying to shoo her away. 

"Get up we are going to Starbucks" 

"Okay... Okay I am up" I put on my shoes and walk out the door. No I do not care that I just woke up, I want Starbucks. 

When we arrive at the Starbucks I order both of us our coffee and walk to where she is siting. I hear my phone beep and check it. As soon as I look up from my phone I ran straight into someone. 

"Sorry" I quickly reply 

" Nah its my fault, at least you weren't penny-boarding through the Starbucks." He says and helps me up. He is actually very good looking. Ugh I spilled all of our  Starbucks. 

"Well since I skateboarded over you, the least I can do is buy you some coffee. I am really sorry, I didn't mean to spill yours. Wait, why did you have two anyways?" He asks

Well some is for me and the other one is for my friend, who is over there" I pointed and saw her chatting with some tall dude wearing a black "swag" shirt. 

"I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Jc Caylen. But you probably have already heard of me." he says cheekily 

"wow, cocky much" I say and push past him to go get more money from Ally. When I reach her I realize that Jc was following me over here. God, personal space. 

"Aye, Ki. I see you have made a lady friend" Jc says bro hugging who I guess is known as "Ki"

"Hi, I am Kian" Kian says smiling 

"Wow, I like your name, have never heard it before" I say to Kian

"My mom wanted a name she has never heard" He says with a laugh.


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