Kidnapped by one direction

Talia was happy and content tell she met 5 guys. 5 vampires that kidnapped her
Exert: " let me go, please" I pleaded "sorry love remember you are our new food supply" Zayn said “Plus you smell sooo good" Liam said putting his face to my hair as Louis pricked my wrist and gently drank a couple drops of blood. Louis smirked after he was done “and we also never let good food go to waste"


1. Hot

Chapter 1
* Hey people of the internet I am making a fan fic cuz I'm just that awesome so yea these go!!!!!*
Talia P.O.V
I made my way into my favorite diner, Helen's. As I walked in everyone’s eyes (especially the truckers) were on me. I got on to a stool and looked next to me. There was a boy he looked between 17-20. He had chocolate brown curly hair and he had big green doe eyes. I just stared at him and he winked at me. What he WINKED at ME.
I turned my stool and blushed. I heard a deep chuckle escape from his throat. I tryed to lean back to be cool but I fell forgetting I was in a stool I fell.
 I closed my eyes and prepared for pain. I stopped falling but instead I felt an arm around my waist.
"Careful beautiful, you might get hurt. And we wouldn't want that would we?" he said suductively he pulled me back onto my stool.
"A... I'm Talia" I stammered
" Well I have to go, see you around, love. He said, I just noticed along with his beautiful voice he had a British acsennt that went along with his personality. He walked to the door as he reached for the I said "Wait!" I screamed unable to stop my self
He turned back and walked up to me so there was only inches between us.
"Yes?" he asked
I looked at the tiles on the floor suddenly interested in them
"What's your name?" I mumbled
He tilted my head up to look into his beautiful green eyes. I just noticed the height advatage he had on me. He leaned down and whispered into my ear "Harry" he said in a husky voice. He kissed my hand and walked out. I just stood there.
* sorry for the short chapter I swear ill make the next one longer. If not then the one a

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