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   "Speaking of which, Maddie is going to have a fashion show. You coming?" Ellena asked Giselle. A gloomy face just suddenly decided to grace its present and masked my face.

   Giselle gave a me a look and I tried not to look at them nor have a disappointed look on my face.  "Oh. I don't really know. When is it?"

   "Next week. What if Nicole came with you and then the manager looked at her and suddenly she fell in love with her?" Ellena joked.

   "Yeah, not happening." I chuckled. I mean, I'm not pretty like at all. I'm not a pro at makeup and I could use a grand or two for my clothing expenses. Also, it'd be nice for me to have a high metabolism. I, to be honest, don't have a flat stomach. In fact, I have a roll. A roll in which I felt very uncomfortable with and ended up in me sucking it in. Which takes a lot of effort.

   Something, probably big, that I have is insecurities. I'm insecure of my face, hair, nose, body, fashion, legs, everything. The fact that I'm actually wearing glasses isn't helping, it makes things even worse. So, I decided to use contacts. An object created for people who can't see things clearly and having to poke themselves in the eye.

   Maddie and I are quite close. We used to be best friends and now we're not. Who knew that that could happen? People changed I guess. So knowing that she's gonna model from another person surprised me. She's just not worth befriending I guess. 

   My thoughts are suddenly interrupted by the ringing of the bell, signaling the students that lunch time is over

   "Talk to you later, Gigi." I waved.

   "Cya Cole." She blew a kiss in which I accepted in return.

   Going to the restroom, I fixed my uniform before washing my hands. As you can tell from the fact that I mentioned uniform, I go to a private school. Uniforms, strict rules, and all that

   "Aye, Nicole." Maddie greeted which I replied with a plain, boring, dull, old hi.

   "Let's go." She linked her arms on both of her "best friends". Maddie is the type of girl that would leave everyone else if she's with Georgia aka her best friend that moved out of this school due to her sister's graduation. So when Georgia decided to visit her, she pushed everyone else and only hanged out with Georgia. Yeah, I feel the love right here. Doesn't hurt at all. I mean, during classes, I'm the one who she talks to and we sometimes poured a little juicy gossip here and there, but I just can't pour too much or she'll tattle-tale it to Georgia. 




   "Hey, can you come?" Maddie turned towards me during Calculus class.

   Pretending not to know anything, I asked where.

   "The Tory Kalinsky Fashion Show." She stated in a duh tone.

   "Are you coming?" I asked.

   "Duh, I'm the model." She rolled her eyes.

   "Sure, I guess." I shrugged, nonchalantly.

   "Great. Wear black." She told me.

   I asked Giselle to help me find something for tonight's fashion show, which she gladly agreed to.

   "Okay, let's list down the stores first. How about we go to Gucci first, and then Louis Vuitton? Oh wait, what about Tom Ford? Or Vero Moda? Oh wait! Ted Baker! Yes, that's it!" She exclaimed as her face lit up like a 5-years-old boy who entered Build-A-Bear with a runny nose.

   I gave her an unbelievable look before sighing. "You know I can't afford that. How about we go to Topshop? Or Forever 21? Or maybe River Island? Zara?" I pleaded.

   "Okay, fine." She replied as her back slumped into the passenger's seat.

   As we reached to mall, I literally dragged her to the first shop that my eyes landed upon, which happened to be H&M. As we racked through the whole store, I ended up having a humongous pile of dresses and jumpsuits on my hand.

   "Ohmygod!" I heard someone shrieked which surprised the crap out of me and made me stumble into the dress, hitting my elbow on the way. "Ow." I winced in pain.

   "Holy shit! Nicole! I found the perfect one! It's per-fect." She threw something black and lacy to the fitting room that I'm in and the thing landed on top of my head. Just great.

   "Gigi?" I croaked.

   "I'm here. Come on out." She sounded a little too excited.

   "I can't."

   "Why not?"

   "I look ridiculous." I complained.

   "For fuck's sake just come on out already." Her voice hinting that she's quite exasperated.

   "Fine, alright." I muttered.

   Unlocking the door, I stand in front of her in the black and lacy jumpsuit.

   "Holy mother of cowboys! Damn, gurl, you look hot." She fanned herself.


    Giselle wore a little lacy black dress that Emma Roberts once wore on the red carpet and she paired it with an Alexander McQueen clutch and Louboutin signature red bottom heels. I, on the other hand, wore a lacy black jumpsuit which I paired it  with a black Bally clutch with chains and a pointy heeled Louboutin heels that has animal prints on the stiletto.

   As we arrived to the venue, we handed our invitation cards before entering a gargantuan area before looking at the maps behind the invitation card. 

   "Holy shit, this place." Giselle breathed out.

   "Good evening, how may I help you?" A lady with a tight bun, black blazer, black dress pants, and similar heels as mine but not a Louboutin of course, smiled.

   "Uhm, we're looking for our seats. 10A and 11A." I told her.

   "This way." She led us the way before leaving the both of us alone.

   "We got the VVIP seats. Probably because she wants us to have the best seats in the house." Giselle shrieked. If we only knew.

   "Hey, guys." Maddie chirped, with Georgia on her side.

   "We got you guys VVIP tickets for you guys so that you can see me walk down the runway and learn the experience. I mean, look at us." She pointed to herself and Georgia. "We became models!"

   "Okay." I raised my eyebrow.

   "We'll have to go back for the show's starting in an hour. Have fun!" She waved.

   "Bitch." Giselle muttered. I couldn't agree more.


   "Ladies and gentlemen." A voice boomed and the lights dimmed. From that, we knew that the show's about to start.

   I capture a few models that wore intricate designs of Kalinsky's.

   We were invited to go to the after party while we were mingling with some of the models. One of them including the legendary Kate Moss.

   "Be right back." Giselle told me, patting my arms and I nodded.

   As we were mingling, someone grabbed me by my waist, pulling me inside a room. Shrieking, I unattractively thrashed around.

   "What the fuck? Who the bloody hell might you be? Pulling me into a room so suddenly without noticing me?" I shrieked. A woman in her late 40s cupped my mouth with her hands.

   "I'm Tory Kalinsky."

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