1. chapter1

"G here and I'm gonna be playin "Steal My Girl" from one direction for all of those directioners out there. Personally, I'm a one direction fan myself." I explained into the mic. I'm Grace, I'm a radio show host, so I have my own radio show! I'm G in the radio, but in reality I'm Grace, my actual name Grace Mary Torre. I'm not really popular, but I'm kinda a geek if you ask me. People say I'm pretty, but under all my makeup, I look the same. My eyelashes are super long, my eyes are brown, and I truly am a blond with brown highlights. My eyebrows are brown, but look really nice with my hair, not totally creepy. I live and grew up in Maine. I'm single.

I walked into my house and saw the banner that said, "congrats on 600k!" I have 600k listeners on my station! "Happy 600k!" My family yelled as the came out of hiding. "No fucking way!" I said as my mouth dropped open. "Yep yup yup!" My mom cheered. Hanging on the banner were 5 tickets to the One Direction concert! "Who are you gonna bring?" My little brother Cale, asked. "Huh, me, Lindy, Sarah, mom, and Lola. Lindy is by best friend since pre k. Sarah is my older sister, and Lola is my little sister.

"How....wha.....wai.......huh?" I wailed. "600k, we can do anything." My dad laughed. My sister came over to me and closed my mouth, "no, just no." She giggled. "Thank you guys so much your the best family a girl could ever have!" I cried as I ran up my stairs.

Face timing Lindy:

Lindy: Sup? Why are you like crying?

Me: I got 5 One Direction concert tickets with backstage passes!

Lindy: shut up.

Ms: no! Seriously!

Lindy: omg! For 600k

Me: yup, gtg!

Lindy knew about the secret, my family did too. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep, then I told myself that if I imagine the concert, I'll sleep. Which worked. I fell asleep super duper fast. Then I dreamed for it to all come true.

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