Mischief and Hope

One year passes since the destruction of the Bifrost and the conflict between Thor and Knight. Most of Asgard believed Thor had died and Knight went missing as a result of it. One day there is news of Thor's survival reaching Asgard. Loki knows one thing; he needs the Tesseract to bring Knight back. This is the story of mischief and hope. Started: 4.26.2015 Book 2 of 2. Alternate Universe. Story is told in Loki's perspective. Spin off from the Wattpadheim duology. Cover by: cloverism on Wattpad.


1. What we can hope

"Loki,do you want to become king?" Odin asks.


"No," I said. "That is not my thing," I add in a lowered voice. "If there is a chance that there is some redeeming quality in Thor, that's the man who should be crowned, after he has learned his lesson."


"Loki," Odin said. "He did not only lie, Thor did more than that."


I raise my brows.


"What did Thor do?" I ask.


Odin explained to me what Thor did.


"Doing that is off the table," Odin said. "He won't become king. But when the time comes to be king of Asgard...I hope Knight is there for you."


The news of Thor's survival had made waves on Asgard.


The news came from an astral projection of Jo a couple hours ago explaining she has been helping SHIELD with Asgardian originating beings—who some how found way to Asgard—and some demigods. She trained in the proper way a warrior would on Asgard just using different weapons. I had to bring Thor back home to stand for answers for Odin. I had to go.


I walk out the castle doors.


Whenever Thor may be; he is going to get a visit.


We need the Tesseract.


I came on the fifth step when I saw Knight. In her utmost beautiful yet marvelous stature sitting on the bricks tapping her shoes together. The way sun glides over her face and made her eyes shine in the pool of light stirred emotion far unressitable. But I can't do it as Knight is not solid. I came over towards Knight. Odin must know how strange it may look to speak with thin air but I don't care what others think.


"I heard the news," Knight said. "You are going after Thor?"


"Yes," I said. "I haven't seen you in days; where have you been?"


Knight laughs, so carefree, yet strained but bright.


"Using little of the Bifrost Power as I can," Knight said. "It feels like every time I appear...a little of me dies and I don't know why."


I take her transparent yet smaller hand into mine.


"How about we agree on a timed visit day while getting you out of the Bifrost?" I offer. "Three times a month, not a lot, but enough and little as possible."


Knight kindly smiles.


"You have good intentions, Loki." Knight said. "But I am here to tell you there is a gift in every unexpected appearance."


"I don't understand." I said.


"You'll understand, Loki," Knight said. "And good luck. I hope to see you soon; for real."


Knight places a kiss on my cheek.


The kiss feel so real. Then Knight disappeared before my eyes as she pulls herself back fading into the scenery. I get up off the brick ledge then continue my way towards the Bifrost with hope. Hope that getting Thor to Asgard will mean I will bring back Knight. It is the reasonable assumption to hang on in this broken road.


Preferably I would go with the gate keeper sending me to Midgard.




Heimdall can see where anyone is at on the spot. 
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