New movella


1. hanging with Luke 😘😘😘 1

It was 3am when your phone went of "ahhh" you said in a mad tone. It was Luke "what do you want you woke me up" you replied grumpily. "Ummm sorry" he said as he went quiet. "Don't worry it's ok" you said firmly. "Do you want to come over" Luke said "but it 3am I'm sleeping"you said surprised. "Please nobody's home I'm scared " he said sadly "fine"

You got there Luke was outside "hi" Luke said "hey" you replied "what do you want to do" you said " TV" Luke said "k" you replied .

Luke followed you inside "what do you want to watch" he said "anything" you replied "ok" Luke said. Half way thur the movie you go a text from Calum saying : u up babe 💋 you replied : yes what r u doing he asked. You couldn't tell him you where at Luke's after the fight that had. In bed u. Same thinking of you. Your Heart melted.

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