Mischief and Spikes

"What you are does not change who you are, Loki." ~ Loki thought Scarlet had done it all. Loki believed no one except for him and two other people remember the previous timeline Scarlet had bend. Loki honestly believed things would go differently. Even when he discovers Thor is going to be crowned. Loki is wrong. For Knight, things are about to become a little more...interesting. Per say. With mischief and spikes. Started: 4.24.2015. Completed: 4.26.2015 at 4:21 PM. Book 1 of 2. Alternate Universe. Story is told in Loki and Knight's perspective. Spin off from the 'Wattpadheim' duology.


1. I can trust someone like you

I had to tell Knight, besides, keeping it back for too long will probably will end out terribly. I take Knight to the side a month before Thor's coronation. Knight looks at me, puzzled, as to why I took her to a private place near the castle. It is getting dark out.

"What is it?" Knight asks.

"I...forgot to tell you something." I said.

Knight raises a brow.

"Something?" Knight repeats. "What kind of something are you talking about?"

"Bed time stories," I said. "Which one of them stand out to you?"

"The winter gear one," Knight said.

"...I never heard of the winter gear one," I said.

"Well," Knight said. "It teaches a lesson to be ready in winter, especially when visiting Jotunheim."

"Knight," I said. "I am a Frost Giant."

Knight blinks, absorbing the information, and then she looks confused.

"You look Asgardian," Knight said, taking a good look at me. "How can you be a Frost Giant?"

I willingly change before Knight.

Knight pinches her skin, rubs her eyes, and then takes a double look at me.

"You look better than the average Frost Giant," Knight said. "Blue looks good on you."My Frost Giant half went away. "Who else knows you are a Frost Giant?"

"Frigga,Odin, and Thor." I said. "I am not an Odinson."

Knight's face turns into a 'what kind of joke are you pulling on me?' kind of one.

"Excuse me?" Knight asks.

"I am not an Odinson," I repeat.

"That is a load of crap," Knight said. "You live among the royals and have been referred to as...part of the family."

"Knight," I said, taking her hand. "My real father is Laufey."

"...Pardon?" Knight asks, dumbfounded by the news yet she looks a little comforted.

"My last name isn't Odinson," I said, reluctantly. I let go of her hand."It is Laufeyson."

"Loki, this is...unexpected." Knight said. She tilts her head. "Is there a reason why?"

"I can trust someone like you to know," I said. Knight straightens her head. "Except you and the royal family; the people of Asgard don't know what I am."

"What you are does not change who you are, Loki." Knight said. "You are the same man I have known since I was a little girl." She feels alongside my cheek, softly, not rough. "You being a Frost Giant doesn't matter. What matters to me is knowing the prince I have fallen for."

Knight accepts me for who I am.

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