The voice

There is something comig from my wardrobe! It is creeping me out! It sounds like a little ghostly voice.By the way my name is Kaytee.


1. Moving to a new house!

Finally,i'm moving to a new home!

I'm so exited to look around the room's.

Let's hope there is nothing in the attic because,we need that space to put spare thing's.

So i'm walking up stair's and then I see a load of boxes full of my stuff for my room!

I quickly collect all of the boxes and drag them into my room to be sorted!

I put the clothe's into the wardrobe,then i sorted my bed and then i got my laptop and phone and sat on my bed playing on them.

I got a bit borred so i went to annoy my mum for a while!

She got pissed but laughed alot!

I said to her :


Until she answared then i said :


I know it is so funny but i had to help my little sister,Sasha, with her room.

She was 9 and she still couldn't do it!

By the way, my name's Kaytee and I am 13 year's old.

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