With my eyes

What is it we do not know about reality?
is there something we do no knowt?
should we be afraid of reality?
With my eyes is a fictional story that could cause you to question reality. everything in the story is ictional, but inspired by things I have read about reality. what is fact and what is fiction, must the reader find out for himself.


1. Grandfather

No. no no no no no. NO!!! STOP!!! SHUT UP!!! HOW CAN I STILL HEAR YOU!!! STOP!!!

please stop, it hurts. I just can't take it anymore. Just go. Let me die alone. I...... I deserve it. There's just so much blood. Why did I do it. Why grandfather. Why did you write. Why did I need to know.

Why.... All these years.... All these years you have been gone, and now....... and now all's.... WHY!!!! WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME!!! STOP TALKING ABOUT HER LIKE THAT!! I.... I.... I loved her. How could everything turn so dramatically, in only 3 months.

I still remember the day it all started. It was my 18th birthday. I had just woken up and was brushing my teeth, when I heard my mother yell” Billy! come down boy. Breakfast is ready. I've made pancakes with bacon. Your favorite”. After I was done brushing my teeth, I went down to her. I sat down and I began to eat. My father and girlfriend jumped Out of nowhere, and began to sing happy birthday. I don't know why, but it's always awkward when people sings birthday songs to me. After they were done singing, my mother went down to the basement to get my present. It took her some time, but she came up after about 10 minuets. She had a little box ind her hand. The box was made out of wood and my name was written all over it. She handed me the box and told me that is was from my grandfather. That confused me. He had been gone since I was 4. I never really knew him. My father tries to never talk about him, and my mother got angry every time I bring him op in our conversations.

As I opened the box I looked at my mother. I ask her why I first got it now, and she said” Billy, your grandfather was..... How can I say this...... He was special. He talk a lot about weird things. He slept during the day, and he was God knows where at night. Why he first wanted you to have it now is a mystery. Before he disappeared he gave me this box, and told me that you should have it on your 18th birthday. Nothing else.”

my hands began to shake, and my heart pounded faster. I opened the box and looked inside. Inside the box there was a little letter. My name was written on it. I took the letter out of the box and opened it. Before I began to read, my father sent my girlfriend home. He didn't want her to know anything about my grandfather. I went into living room. Sat down and looked at it. It was so crazy. I would never have thought that I would hear from my granddad. I was sweating as I began reading the letter:


My dear Billy. If you read this, you are probably 18, so happy birthday my boy. I guess that you don't know so much about me, and i don't blame you. I guess that your mother and father didn't want you to know anything about me. Billy there is no easy way to say this, but I have been a very bad person, and a bad husband, but worst of all. I have been a bad granddad to you. I guess you have many questions about me and what happened to me and why I disappeared. but there is a thing you need to know. I AM NOT DEAD. MY life has been very complicated, and i have been forced to keep things secret. If you want to know everything, you have to go to Denmark. Over at Denmark, there is an abandoned school out in the country. The schools name is Omars school. I wish I didn't do it. I wish I could rewind time. But I have ben imbecile, but If you get over there, we could do everything right again. Together. and before you go, i just want to say sorry. I hope you forgive me. If we met I will answer all your questions.

from your grandfather, Jonathan"


I couldn't believe what I just read. He was still alive. All these questions began to pop up in my head. Why did my dad sometimes say that my granddad was literally a monster. Why did my mom always get angry every time I talked about him. If he is still alive, then why didn't he come back home, and why was he in Denmark. What did he mean by a bad person. It was like i had a big puzzle in front of me, but without pieces.

Without thinking about it, I packed my stuff and went over to my girlfriend. I just needed some time away from my family. I read the letter to her so she could get with an overview of why I was out of it. After some days she just came home with two tickets to Denmark. she wanted me to have peace.

I kept thinking about my grandfather. I couldn't eat, I could't sleep, and I was paranoid all the time. she thought that it would be a good idea to visit the place, and get it over with. We packed our things and took off.

On the flight to Denmark, there was this odd old man in a suit and top hat. It was like he was following me and my girlfriend. But since I was so paranoid, my girlfriend told me to calm down, so I did.


The school was a lot bigger then a thought. I still remember how big it looked like from the outside. before we went into the schoolyard, my girlfriend began to read some facts up about the school. Something about that the place was established by a man named Jack Handsome Omar in 1919. The last owner of the school, before it got abandoned, was Allan handsome Omar. Allan Handsome Omar was a rich and wealthy man. He had two kids. Twins to be exactly. A girl named Maya and a boy named Danny. He also had a wife, but she died under birth of the twins. strangely enough was my grandfather, Allan Handsome Omars best friend. But the thing that really was strange was that Allan and his kids disappeared on August 24th 2000. the same date my grandfather disappeared.

We began to walk in to the schoolyard. In the middle of the schoolyard there was an old man. He was wearing a suit and a top hat. He looked like exactly like the odd old man, who I thought was following me and my girlfriend. He was just looking at the school. I tapped him on the shoulder to ask him who he was, but ended up with a strange conversation.
I asked” excuse me
, may i ask who you are?”

he replied with” well hello Billy”

I just stared at him for a while. Then i asked him” do we know each other?”

I'm not sure if you know me, but i surely know you Billy.” he said

“where do you know me from?”

“that's not importuned” he looked at me, gave me a smile and then looked back at the school again.

“can I at least get your name?” I said

“i have many names” he said

“i don't care how many names you have. I need to know who you are and how you know me!”

he began to look around. Like he was ensuring that there was nobody who was listening to us. Then he look at me directly on my eyes and said” Billy don't go in. I know why you are here and it's not what you think. You need to go home and live with a mystery in your heart. If you go in there, then even I can't help you”

I began to laugh. The old man sounded so stupid. And what did he mean by that even he couldn't help me. It was not like he was God or anything. I began to laugh harder.

After a few minutes of laughing I looked at him again and said” it's non of your business what i'm doing here, but since we are talking about business. What are you doing here.”

he looked back at the school. Then he said” I am holding the darkness away from humanity. I don't want it to be there reality”

I just looked at him and said” you know what. This is weird. I'm letting you do your thing, and I am going in to the building. Have a nice day” and then me and my girlfriend went to the main entrance of the school. As we were walking, the old man grabbed me and said ”Billy don't trust him”. I just pushed him away.

I kept walking towards the school and saw that there was a letter on the main entrance. My name was written on it, so I took it and began to read:


My dear Billy. If you read this you have chosen to seek the truth. I need to warn you. If you go in there you will risk your life. Everything you know will be turned around. You will see things you don't understand, but you need to safe me. Remember Billy. i will always love you No matter what you chose. From you granddad, Jonathan.


I didn't know what to do. I just looked at the main entrance while I heard the letter in an endless echo in my head.

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