Liitle Boxes

Story for the flash fiction competition. My story is about the probability of relying too much on tech. My story is numbered like a computer program and the story looks different. Hope you like it.


1. The Future Nightmare

0                                                        Little Boxes
1 ‘I’m stupid!’ exclaimed Malcolm striking the sliding door of his apartment.
2 ‘I shouldn’t have done it!’ he exclaimed again as he walked over to his
3 chair at the centre of the room. He sat with a tear running down his face
4 looking at the empty computer screen space directly in front of him. It glowed with
5  pictures of the outside. Suddenly the screen vanished with a flickering flash of
6 light that filled the apartment. Malcolm looked stunned as his eyes began to
7  refocus once more from the giant flash. He looked around his apartment.
8 Something had changed. His link to the outside had gone. His computer had gone.
9 He shouted. No one complained. No one could. happened a few days before. He
10  thought he was very, very clever. He was a brilliant computer student and
11  nowadays everyone used the web. Things came by automat with all the daily
12 deliveries for that day to where ever they were supposed to go to. He had been
13 playing around with the virtual air fingered computer wall moving all his computer
14 programs and data on the virtual wall. He even programmed the same way. Then it
15  sent him back to reality. ‘Let me out!’ he screamed at the top of his voice at the
16  still moving door. He had forgotten how to open it manually. What was a key?
17 The door just opened. The food was delivered by transmat, where the food
18 materialised out of nowhere, everything was prepared, he didn’t know how to boil
19 an egg. It was there for him already for him. Steaming and on toast if he wanted to.
22 What was a saucepan? He had never used what wasone of them. His computer
23 vis-screen wall told him everything. He relied on it completely.  He walked to his
24 kitchen; it was empty as ‘old mother Hubbard’s’. .something caught his eye, he
25 didn’t know what it was. It was round and it looked like it had some form of
26 picture on it. Malcolm looked closely at this thing laying on his table. It was left by
27 his grand dad about month ago. ‘Something from the old days,’ he had said. ‘I’ve
28 got my transmat!’ he replied smugly knowing he didn’t need it. ‘You’ll need this,
29 lad,’ said his grand dad handing him a strangemetallic thing. It had a curved bit on
30  one side, a centre bit that had a small rectagular hole and on the far right, a sharp
31 piece of metal. Malcolm knew it was metal, he had cut himself on it. Some how he
32  had remembered how to stop thebleeding. He had read it on his vid-screen with a
33  ‘Self-Tube vid’. Malcolm smiled remembering how he remembered to save it. The
34 vis-screen wall wasn’t working it was his great mistake. He stood listening it was
35  the only thing he could do. He was sure he heard screaming above him, to the left
36 of him, to the right and Below him. Malcolm sat in his chair and had a horrible
37  thought. What if he wasn’the only one. He stared into space, he heard a giant
38  scream above him followed by a large thud. Malcolm stood up once more and
39  standing in front of his door hammered it with his fists. Blood streamed down his
40 hands as his knuckles brokethe skin. ‘LET ME OUT!’ he shouted.Nothing, but
41 silence. He looked at the vis-screen space. ‘How stupid.’ ‘Putting a virus on the
42 ‘Easy Net.’ Malcolm walked to the bathroom of his single room apartment. ‘Little
43 Boxes,’ said the advertising blurb. ‘Single living at the highest luxury.’ ‘Yea, sure,’
44  Malcolm said remembering the vis-brochure. ‘Easy Net was the all singing all
45 doing computer program thatran everything in your home. You didn’t have to do
46 anything. ‘Rely on us!’ they said. ‘How was I supposed to know I’m such a genius
47 that I’ve wiped out everything. Stopping everything. Nothing worked.’ Malcolm
48 screamed at the water tap. Nothing came out. ‘What!’ he exclaimed. The tap was
49 motion and command sensor activated. The tap stood shining in the light.

50 Malcolm looked at the left wall.
52 This was his outside computer simulated window. ‘Easy-
53 house said it was more efficent to have no windows,’ said Malcolm out loud to
54  anyone who could hear as more screams surrounded his ears. ‘I can’t have.. I can’t
55 have…’ Malcolm said. ‘Turned out everything. Have I?’ ‘Have I…’ Malcolm
56 gulped. Had he killed the human race. Suddenly the light flickered as the power
57 began to fade. The air conditioning coughed and spluttered straining to fill the
58 room with cool air. Malcolm gasped in the stale air. His head began to spin, his
59 eyes tried to focus in the dimming light. Beads of sweat fell from his forehead as
60 the room emptied of oxygen. He gasped. Malcolm fell to his knees struggling to
61  stay alive, his nails scraped the wall near the impossible  door as he fought for air.
62 His body fell to the floor like a dead tree falling into a crumpled heap. The light
63 flickered for the final time; again and again as it died like its master below.

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