The Blue Boy

Lio is just a senior year high school boy, but one trip to a big laboratory changes his whole life forever. And what happened to him... He isn't sure at all if it was a gift, a superpower or a curse... Suddenly this gift, curse or superpower is just more than that. And there are the people that know about this gift, superpower... or curse. And they want Lio no good.


1. Prologue




    There is pain. Painful it is. Like an extreme tingling sensation in my whole body. A painful tingling. Electric, as if I've gotten an electric chock and the electricity is still there, painful and keeps being like that, like it will never go away. I can't feel anything else. Nor see or hear anything, not smell anything. Except the extreme, painful tingling.

     I'm not able to think either, the extreme, painful tingling takes over everything else.

     Suddenly I feel something else, my fingers moving. Yes. I can move my fingers. I move them, and realise I can move my toes as well. And the rest of my body. Just a little. And it is enough. Enough for me to slowly open my eyes. I am in a hospital. That's the first thought that comes to me. Judging by the sterile colours and plain walls, and the machines standing by the sides of the bed I am lying on. Definitely a hospital. But why am I lying in a hospital? I can't remember anything.  

     The door on the other side of the small room opens and in comes a man and right after him, a woman. They wear clothes as if they work in a hospital. The woman as if she is a nurse and the man as if he is a doctor. They look like nothing particular, and their faces shows nothing, just like they are at work and doesn't have to smile because their patient haven't been able to see the smile. Until now. That look they have on their faces until they both stop dead in their tracks, staring at what must be me. In chock.  

     As if they see something and just can't believe their own eyes.

    Suddenly, I remember.

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