The Forest


1. The Forest

An image of tranquillity gazed back at me; the moon and the stars glistened, like jewels twinkling in the pitch-black sky, above. Not a single sound was to be heard; silence echoed around me. A silence of calmness and serenity.

The water was peaceful, still and sparkling. I lightly placed my finger in the centre of the lake; ripples spread through the water as my face contorted before me.

A small, autumn leaf gracefully floated onto the gleaming lake below me. Aimlessly, the leaf drifted on the water. Picking it carefully from the lake and gently holding it in my palms, I studied the delicate lines of auburn beauty on the surface of the leaf. Tracing every single detail softly with my index finger.

Then, unexpectedly and out of nowhere, a jet-black crow, with a wicked glare, swooped in front of me. The speed of the bird flying past created a powerful breeze which blew the leaf out of my hands. All of a sudden, what was once a calm, harmless woods had turned into an agitated, shadowy forest.

I looked back at the lake. My reflection in the water now showed an anxious young girl staring nervously back at me. The forest was still silent. This silence, however, was not peaceful and calm in any way. No, this was a completely different silence; an eerie and dangerous silence; a silence to be feared.

Icy, cold winds sent chills through me like a fire spreading through a forest. I shivered. Standing up gradually and cautiously, I looked above at the towering trees which hung over me, enclosing me in the forest so that I was unable to escape.

The same crow, which I’d seen earlier, gave a piercing screech in the distance, abruptly breaking the silence. The sound of the bird was so loud that it felt as if the crow was behind me, squawking in my ear. I quickly turned; nothing was there. My heart was racing rapidly inside of me. I was terrified.

Looking around I noticed that there was now a misty fog which had formed around me in the atmosphere, which lessened my ability to see virtually anything. The forbidding forest gave off a sense of foreboding. I was very apprehensive in this gloomy forest, but how was I to escape? The answer was, I wasn’t…

Frantically I searched for a way out, but there was no exit to be seen in the murky fog of the mysterious night. My heartbeat accelerated even faster than before. It felt like a volcano of fear ready to explode out of my chest.

Swiftly, the fog cleared and the dark sky was once again full of the twinkling stars which had been there before. There was no malicious, black crow in sight and the atmosphere was quiet, peaceful and safe. I frowned in confusion. Had my imagination been fooling me this whole time? Was there even a black crow? The truth was, I didn’t know and I never will…

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