Harry imagines


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Imagine.. You follow Haryy on Twitter & he followed you back. One day, you feeling rather upset. So, you tweet About how horrit and ugly you feel. You check your Twitter About an hour later, and see that Harry Styles tweeted you saying: I've seen pictures of you love, & your gorgeus . Don't ever think About your self as less than amazing. Talk to me of jou need anything please

Imagine... Drunk harry asking you to sing karaoke with him *C'mon y/n do it with me it will be fun**nooo Harry no way I'm doing that*"oh wel"

Imagine... Interviewer: so harry do you have your eyes set on anyone right now?? Harry:not at the moment Niall: just admit it. Harry:I have nothing to say. Niall: say it or I will. Harry: ok fine. I may have a small crush on y/n

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