The Last Human

Not every thing is as it seems....don't trust them....


1. The begging

It's the year 1,00014 and you rarely ever see a human face any more. I know what your thinking who are all those people walking around outside? Their all Robots....ever though they may look like humans trust me their not. You see the robots took over our world one day and their was nothing we or the government could do. They just came our of no where. Humans where going missing left and right at every second or every day.

My name is Emily and I'm the last human or so I thought at first. Any way with how things are to day it's everyone either dies or they fight for their life. To be honest I still have a life that I would like to live to the fullest. I heard foot steps coming my way so thinking as fast I could I stepped into a dark ally way and hoped that they didn't come my way. I peaked our as they got closer so I could see that it was a woman and a man. I'm not sure who or what they where. (relation ship wise) to be honest I didn't care nor would I ever. they where the none humans and they wiped out my kind. They killed my parents and my brother and I wanted to the same thing.

It took for ever but they left and I could finally peak out to see if they where gone before running to my house. Well it wasn't my house because mine was burnt down to ashes. It was the house I was living in now with my family. I ran to the house before I was caught by the none humans could see me. I walked into the house that was empty and got a head start at running so I could get over the big gap in the floor. Ounce on the other side I walked over to the room I slept in and sat on my bed looking at what I had.

Their where 2 things I managed to save from my house. Those where a picture of my family all smiling for  the last time I saw them and my little brothers bear that I cant live with out now. I  still remember the look in his eyes when he gave it to me. My mom and dad passed away towards the begging of it all be Sam was different. He fought with all his might to stay with me. I just wished that he was strong enough to stay a little longer. It was times like this that I really needed him the most. He was only 4 when years old when he passed away and he had so much more to live for. I sat on the floor hugging his bear and crying over how much I missed my family  now.

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