Dear Daughter...


1. Dear Daughter,

Dear daughter,

You will only be five months when it’s my time to go.

But before I do there’s just a few things that you should know…


Sorry I can’t be with you but just know that I care.

I love you with all of my heart and wish I could be there.

I cannot change what is to come though I wish I could.

If I had the chance to hold you dear I promise you I would.

I want to always be there and to watch you as you grow.

But now I guess you’re just someone I’ll never get to know.

I wish that I could see every achievement in your life.

From walking, talking, reading and writing to being somebody’s wife.

I hope you find someone to love you like I would have done.

Who’ll make your eyes shine brighter than the early morning sun.

Follow all your hopes and dreams, your heart will lead the way.

So you don’t look back with regret in your final days.

Be only who you want to be, don’t be pushed around.

Be proud to say what you feel and learn to stand your ground.

Don’t fall in love with material things, as they won’t love you back.

Only things with hearts can love you. I know this for a fact.

Be careful whom you trust in and remember to be wise.

For some of them are genuine but some may be disguised.

I hope your future’s just as bright as your newborn baby beam.

I hope you’ll always be as happy as you always seem.

Don’t let fear control your life or always hold you down.

Or it’ll keep you trapped until it finally let’s you drown.

At times you may feel all alone, that no one understands.

But you must learn to ask for help, accept a lending hand.

Though don’t become reliant as one day they will be gone.

And you will be lonesome and lost with no one to lean on.

Sometimes you may feel derisory, that you’re not enough.

But confidence is a journey that will always be quite tough.

Success isn’t simply handed to you on a plate.

It’s a reward you get for trying; it’s not a matter of your fate.

Remember to live in the moment, live for the day.

I wouldn’t want you living any other way.

Be grateful and respectful, be courteous and be kind.                                              

And others are likely to treat you the same, I’m sure that you will find.

And remember we were born to live; we were not born to die.

So make the most of the life you’ve got before you say goodbye.

I know at times it will be hard and you’ll want it to end.

Everybody goes through that, you don’t have to pretend.

But remember just one thing my dear, to help you though the pain.

Don’t just wait for the storm to pass, start dancing in the rain.


Love from,

Your mother

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