My dreams are real. They use my fears against me. What should I do?


1. Height

I woke up jerking as I fell off the bed. I lay there gasping on the floor for a moment, dragging ragged breaths into my lungs. I'd had one of those dreams again. The real dreams.

I shook myself and stood up, another morning. Oh, but I was so grateful for them. I looked at my 16 year old body, thankful that I was still so young.  But the bane of my youth were those dreams. More nightmares really.

I don't know how they happened, but they were always based on my fears, and if I got hurt in them...when I woke up, I would be hurt too. In the same place, with the same amount of pain. Last night, it was my fear of heights. I was lifted above New York, and dropped at 2000 miles per hour (mph). Luckily, I woke up before I hit the ground, if I hadn't, I wouldn't be alive.

My hair was still crazy from the wind racing through it as I fell. It was a tangled mess, and it took about half an hour to brush down to my usual soft wave. Sometimes, my dreams would create random fears, and make them into my own fears.

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