A Horror Story

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  • Published: 22 Apr 2015
  • Updated: 22 Apr 2015
  • Status: Complete
The story is about Tom and his family tries to escape the house because they discovered that there was a ghost in their house.


1. Strange Tom

  On 1963, Tom and his family lived in a small house, his mother died since 1961. Now he is living with his dad Danny who was a hardworking man. Tom is brave and intelligent but weak.

On 1964, He started school he was very excited that he could meet new friends and teachers. On that day he was very happy.

  On the second day of school, he was not so happy and all his friends knew that. His friend asked,"You look so down are you hiding something from us?""Emm no nothing at all just leave me alone!" He said. His friend asked him again,"Just tell us there is nothing wrong." And Tom left the classroom without saying anything.

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